Friday, January 27, 2012

What's in a name?

I must mention to you all that my oldest nephew Hunter (who's 5), thinks our banner above our bed that currently says "Hamsters Cry" is the funniest thing! He can't read, but since we told him what it says, he pretends that he can read it when he sees it on Skype. I talked to my sis and the boys yesterday. It must have been an emotional day in general because I was a mess when my sis was telling me about how the little one, Brady who's 1, got a tummy bug the other day. She was at the gym and he was coloring in the kid area at the gym as she worked out. Someone came and got her and told her that he had thrown up while coloring. She said that she came in, saw him sitting in a big chair, his feet were dangling down, vomit was down the front of him, and he was holding a crayon, watching them clean up his puke. This poor little image just hit me and I lost it! Heavens, I'm tearing up just typing it out now! I don't know why it got to me so much but maybe it's just because of the helplessness and innocence of it all. He didn't know what was going on, but it just happened.

I'm just a sucker for these things and maybe that's why I have such a heart for the helpless and innocent in the world. I like to root for the underdog, love the unlovable, and give to those who have nothing. Sure I might not have much, but I have more than a lot of people in the world. Giving something as little as a smile could be huge. It may be the only smile that person has had all day! I think of that a lot when I walk into town and see an elderly person walking slowly towards me. I find it sad that sometimes they don't even bother to meet my eyes as if it's already expected that I'm young so I won't even acknowledge them. If they do look at me, I will give them a cheery smile full of warmth. I'm not trying to be patronizing and say that all elderly people are lonely and cold, I just feel like society likes to forget some of them, which is such a shame because I would love to sit down and just hear all of their stories!

Anyway, this gets me onto another point: my new blog that I will be starting. I'm still really struggling to find the right name. It's driving me nuts because I feel that it's the main thing holding me back at this point. I was asked by Janie to answer a question as a guest post for her blog (her blog is private so after it runs, I can share it publicly). It was a really tough question and I put a lot of time mulling it over. The thing is that it's not a Padded Cell type of question or answer so I want to have my new blog up so I can share it there. So I need a name and I'm asking for help. This is a blog that will be about my relationships with people, my relationship with God, and my volunteering.

I have been going out on Monday nights on a homeless outreach. It's not through a church or anything. It's just a group of people who love God and love people so we walk the streets with sandwiches, hot water and packets of instant soup and coffee. We don't hand out literature or pamphlets and we don't preach anything. Sometimes we do get asked to pray for someone and that's just fine but our main goal is to show love. The same group is also working on starting up another volunteer outreach that is doing well in the UK. I am part of it and we are excited to get it started. It's called Street Pastors and it's also just a love based outreach. Again, it's not preaching, it's just trying to help people and for this particular outreach, it's typically the night crowds. Here's a bit more about it and how it works in Scotland.

We will be out from 10pm-4am, and I am wanting to share about it as I experience it. We still may be a bit off in starting it officially, due to all the steps and funding it takes to get it up and running, but we really hope and pray we can get out there soon. Living in a University town, means we have a lot of nightlife so we will hopefully be a good help in our community.

Originally, I came up with the blog name "Golden Rule Nights" because I was basing it on my nighttime volunteering, but I don't want it to be limited to just that. So based on what you know, do you have any ideas for a name?? I'd appreciate any ideas you may have because I feel completely stuck for what to call it!


  1. Dear Maggie--As I was thinking of a name to suggest for you, I glanced up & read the bottom sign again. How about

    To me, it means that even if you can't do a lot, then do whatever you can. It sort of speaks to me.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading the other blog, Maggie. I have two ideas for names: "Each One Feed One" and "Loaves and Fishes." For some reason I think I've heard each one feed one before, but I don't remember where or why. Maybe it's just been hanging around in my head.


  3. Can we come up with a name from another thing like "Merry Christmas" . . . or an old blog name? lol I'm so bad at names, but I love scramblings words.

    So from "Golden Rule Nights" I got "Den Lights" Wait . . . this was a bad idea.

  4. I really admire what you're doing kiddo. Good for you. Our son was with Young Life for a number of years. He worked with at risk kids. They were amazed that someone could be cool that was also straight edge- no drugs, no alcohol.

    You stay safe out there.

  5. You are simply amazing. I'm so glad there are people like you in the world.

    I suck with coming up with names. Stupid Napa Paul is the one who came up with Ginja Ninja. Which makes him one step up from useless.

  6. I finally remembered why "each one feed one" sounds familiar. There's an education program called "each one teach one." So I'm sticking with Loaves and Fishes.


  7. You are a nice person Maggie. How would "Relationships" sound as a blog title? - Dave


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