Monday, January 16, 2012

Monkey farts are making me fat

Thankfully we lost all the weight we gained from our last trip to the States before I discovered baking. Life for my thighs has become much more dangerous, since over the last 2 weeks I have found a really yummy and simple muffin recipe, made the most scrumptious cookies ever, discovered how to make my own ice cream with coconut milk, and tried the amazing art of making cake in a mug, in a microwave, in 2 minutes! So long skinny jeans, hello pajama bottoms!

Not wanting to be the only one to stuff myself, I decided I must share some of these with you! (I'm so considerate, aren't I) The simplest recipe has to be making ice cream from coconut milk. I must say though, the first time I ever made this I was a bit put off. This was what my facebook status read on New Year's Eve when I first tried making it:
Is coconut milk supposed to smell like a monkey farted into the coconut before the contents were canned??? This may ruin my homemade coconut ice cream recipe...I don't think coconut, vanilla, chocolate, and fart will be the next Ben and Jerry's flavor.

I was slightly reassured that this was just a natural essence and would be fine. The more it froze, the less it tasted of monkey fart, which was nice I guess. Branden didn't even notice a thing but I did get a hint of it in the back of my throat...*gag

Thankfully, I didn't let my first time with this recipe put me off. Yesterday, we bought a different brand of coconut milk and it was totally fine! No monkey fart smell! I am slightly concerned though that a monkey really did fart into my original can of coconut milk, but we haven't had any symptoms related to monkey fart linked illness, so I think we've dodged the bullet. So here is my recipe for really yummy coconut ice cream!

1 can of coconut milk (preferably one that a monkey has not been near)
3/4 cup of heavy cream
1/4 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor

Easy peasy! Mix everything together in a big bowl until the sugar is dissolved, then stick it into a tupperwear container in your freezer! About every hour, give it a stir to make sure it's freezing evenly. You can also throw any candy pieces that you want to, or even put coco powder in it but this is just the base recipe. It's fantastic and doesn't really taste much like coconuts (for non coconut fans), and this second attempt didn't even have a hint of primate poo particles! I figure it's way healthier than regular ice cream...but that doesn't make it "healthy", so try not to eat the whole tub in one go. It may not have the exact consistency of ice cream, as it will get ice crystals in it, but who cares! It's tasty, easy, and I don't need an ice cream maker!

So tomorrow I will share one of my other recipes. Which would you be most interested in? The 2 minute mug cake, my honey-basil sugar cookies, or my snickerdoodle muffins? All are easy to do (even if you don't have an electric mixer, which I don't).

My other share for today, is this fantabulous band that a friend of mine shared on facebook. I could not believe how incredible this song is, especially since there are 5 people playing one guitar at the same time! It is a cover song, but I love this! This band, Walk off the Earth, does a lot of amazing cover songs and their originals are also wonderful! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


  1. I don't eat ice cream so this is a bit wasted on me. I know what you mean about the weird smell from tinned cocnut milk. I think Scotch Eggs taste like farts.

  2. Tony, thankfully I managed to avoid Scotch Eggs while in the UK...I just hope they don't become popular here in Ireland.

  3. I loved that video! Now I musy share this on facebook!!! Thank goodness your 2nd batch didn't smell or taste of monkey fart. What a relief!

  4. Mug cakes or muffins. I'm easy--everyone says so! I wonder how they ever thought of using just one guitar. They have an amazing sound.

  5. I say, share them all! ;)

    What a great video!! Blew me away that they were all playing the one guitar and getting all that variety of sound. Wow!

  6. Maybe that was the "mystery can" that had the 100,000 £ prize associated with it.

    Or maybe the "best if used by" date was a bit off.

  7. I want all three duh! No monkey poo gas though. Nasty. As for that band. I'm freakin hooked. Are you serious? Oddly I find them fascinating.

  8. Ever noticed how the British love that word so much (scrumptious)? Must be because of Mr Dahl. Which brings me to your title. I know it's probably not the most gentlemanly thing to say, so I won't say it but simply write it... I've heard (you can take THAT literally) monkey farts make a person do THIS. Dare I ask?

  9. Monkey farts? Really.

  10. That group playing and singing with one guitar - brilliant Maggie! - Dave

  11. Monkey farts. Yuck. Very scary that the second container didn't have the same weird smell as the first.

    Janie Junebug, who is working her way through posts backasswards


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