Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Secretly a Crazy Cat Lady

Actually the post's title is a lie...it's not much of a secret! For most of my memory, I have had a cat. I had one cat before I was three but it ran away and then I had my kitty from the age of 3 until I had to put her down when I was 22. For those of you who don't care to do basic math in your head, she was 19. She is another story, mostly because I don't want to cry today, but even after she passed away, my sister's cat who stayed with my parents was mostly in my life until a couple of years ago when he had to finally be put down.

I may not have had tons of cats at one time but I am still crazy about cats! I miss not having a purry little fur ball curled up on my lap, I miss not being able to play with their frisky personalities, and I miss their adorable faces that are full of expression. Some day I will be able to get a cat but for now, Pinterest feeds my addiction. Here are some of my favorite funny cats:

Poor Branden has to deal with my crazy kitty addiction. He has probably had to watch more youtube cat footage than any other sane man on this planet. Despite the fact that he is allergic to cats, he is looking forward to the day that we can finally get one...but between us, I think it's mostly to get me to shut up about it finally! 

When I finally do get my much anticipated cat, I probably will transform into a greater crazy cat lady than I am now! Then I'll think a lot more seriously about things like this:

Once I finally get a kitty, you all will get to hear about my dog obsession!

And yes, we totally want a Basset!


  1. Totally need a basset! Love that first cat one. Hysterical.

  2. What if they have their own internet & it's full of pictures of us???? SCARY!!

    I love cats--especially fried! JUST KIDDING--baked is delicious, too!

    AAWW, come on,can't you take a joke? Sheeesh!

  3. I'm so happy to meet another "crazy cat lady" with only one cat (so far).
    was the love of my life for nearly fifteen years, and I imagine your nineteen-year-old cat must have brought you all the joy Tigger brought to me.
    Here's hoping you get another fur baby soon.

  4. Joshua, Bassets are all the joys of a full sized dog but with little dog legs! Plus they are good for lounging and will be fine when we introduce kids into our lives.

    Fishducky, how about minced and made into burgers?? Great with Catsup ;)

    Rachel, I'll have to head over and read about your wonderful kitty...as soon as I find my box of tissues!!! Lovely to meet you as well!

  5. I LOVE cats! They are just too darling and fun :0)

  6. Young one I think you may still too young to be officially classified as a crazy cat lady; but be patient. Your time will come.:)

  7. Well your crazy catness is probably how our original blogs met!

    The Husband wants a basset but I want a beagle. Apparently there is something called a Bagel - a beagle - basset mix!

  8. Somehow this news does not surprise me in the least! Actually, if I recall correctly didn't you start following my blog because I posted a picture of LOLCATZ?

    Love the Cat Beard!! That's awesome.

  9. Hmm, can a crazy cat lady be both married and have a dog, too? I love the furry, purring warmth of a cat of my lap (or on my chest or across my feet, etc) We only have the 2 cats now since we lost my Skeeter baby in November.

    I have a Beagle - love the floppy eared dogs!

  10. Elisa, your puppy is extremely covet worthy too...as well as your kids... ;)

    Boomer, You may just be right. However, my family tends to go crazy early ;)

    Gina, that is how I got hooked on your blog! That and Manny was a great writer with a wonderful sense of humor ;) hehehe
    Branden wants a beagle but I tell him we need a lazier dog...never heard of the Bagel though!

    Dreamer, yep! I will follow anything that likes LOLCATZ!! I'm like an LOLCATZ whore!

    Lisa, when my sis's cat was a kitten, he loved to lay across your neck...then he grew to be 17lbs! Your Skeeter was a gorgeous cat and I know it still must be tough. Hugs to you!

  11. Did you ever see the video of the E-Harmony cat lady?


    "I just... really love cats!"

  12. I have a cat for you. He doesn't like other cats and he has a diarrhea problem...but you won't mind, right?

  13. I love kitties, and I miss having them. My human child is very allergic so we have a non shedding dog with one eye. I love her,well, i love them both actually. But that one eyed dog? she keeps looking at me.....

  14. Funny! I have a few people who follow my blog just to see Karma because they can't have a cat or miss having a cat--LOL! I would be doing the same thing if I didn't live with Miss Karma. Before I got her I had 8 long years where I wasn't allowed to have a cat anywhere I lived. I was in cat withdrawal. ;) Your sweetie is a patient guy. And if he's allergic and still willing to live with a cat...now that's really true love. ;)

  15. "My beard is a cat." Hahahahahaahahaha...also loved the cat with the mustache. Very sophisticated. When you get a cat, will it have a mustache, or will you wear it as a beard? ...hehe

  16. I've had a cat for the last 15 years or more. I hadn't really thought about it until now. I never intended to get a cat. He sort of found me and then, after he died, people felt compelled to dump cats on me until I accepted one, sort of like the way people are perpetually trying to fix up single people and marry them off.

  17. I'm sooo allergic to cats. Yet I have three. Go figure. I love dogs the most though. They want love and attention all the time. Not just when they feel like it. I had a basset a long time ago. Something to remember is that Bassets Bay. LOUD. So don't live in a close quarter neighborhood. lol

  18. Jas, thanks for stopping by my Cell! Yes, I have seen the E-Harmony cat lady...crazy but love her! hehehe

    Stephanie, lol! At this point I probably would care...no carpets in this house ;)

    Carol, hahahaha! I think I would be highly creeped out by a one eye dog staring at me!!!

    Rita, Karma is a sweet looking kitty! I hope I don't have to go 8 years to wait for a kitty but it could easily turn out that way. So far it's basically been 5 years already. Branden is great like that! His mom is also allergic to cats but they have 2. He always grew up with cats so he's fine having them around again...especially if it will get me to shut up finally! lol

    Paige, I want a cat with a mustache! Beards really aren't my thing ;)

    Fail, it is interesting how quickly you can be dubbed a cat person and how quickly you can be dubbed a lonely single person who needs to get married NOW! What is it with people???

    Melynda, one of your cats can probably be classified as a wild jungle animal instead of domestic house cat! Branden had a Basset and they lived in the country which is where we eventually want to live. I love their bay! It's so cute!

  19. A cat obsession is a healthy obsession, Padded Cell Princess. I'm obsessed that way, too, so I might be biased. I've got two cats - brother and sister, actually - and they are great communicators. They sing and speak and know which buttons to press on the human they call 'MEOW!.'I don't speak cat too well, but my first guess would be 'Stupid no-good', though my heart says it mean, 'Sweet RC'. Anyway, I thought I should stop by, considering we're in the same story. :)


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