Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Support My Silliness Contest! *NOW CLOSED*

My wonderful sister has had the craft bug lately, which has resulted in some fabulous things! At Christmas time she sent a little box of goodies with a Merry Christmas garland that she made. I hung it above our bed since it's a good size, matches our quilt, and it looked nice up there. Here's the thing, now that Christmas is over, I'm thinking it could be a fun to make different words out of it! Branden and I played with it last night and our favorites were "Hairy Mess", "Marry Chemists", and "I has my rest" (sounds very LOLCATZ I know!).

I'm hoping you all can give us a hand and maybe come up with something better! So here is a photo of us with the garland and whoever comes up with my favorite word or phrase can have their choice of being interviewed by me or writing a post to be published on my blog (must be family friendly please). It's a chance for you to hopefully get some more advertising for your blog and maybe some of my followers...and we all know I have the BEST followers!

Branden got glasses for the first time! I think they look great!


  1. Religious: "MASS CHIMER"
    Ad slogan for new lager: "TRY RIMERS CRASS"
    A strange band name? "MY CHASTER RIMS "
    I'm just making stuff up now: "MY RAM CHESTS"
    A bad chef? "MY CHAR TIMERS"
    And finally, one that uses all the letters - A Wizard Who Can't Perform Spells Correctly, "MISTY CHARMS ERR"

  2. The first ones I will admit I stole from the interenet--you can find ANYTHING there!

    My charmers stir.
    Scram, merry shit! (one of my favorites)
    Try charms, emir.
    My raters smirch.
    Hamsters cry "rim".
    AND MY OWN--Re: my arms itch!

    I like Branden's glasses!

  3. Nothing tops Hairy Mess - especially if you keep it above the bed!

    CHERRY SMARTS! was the best I could do...

  4. How about: chimy yerts?
    or:Christ yams?
    or:starry crimes?

    The last one is when you stalk Kim Kardashian. It should really be pseudo-starry crimes, but I didn't have enough letters.

  5. Yah, I got nothing. I'm constipated that way...and that's so not funny!
    hee hee

  6. LOL...the one that jumped out at me was, "I'm Smartes..."..uhhh. Good contest!

  7. I'm not giving individual comments because I don't want to give hints to my favorites but Branden and I are loving what you all are coming up with! You've all done much better than we did!

  8. STEAMY! (that's all I got).

    Nice glasses, Branden!

  9. Since it's above your bed how about "Rest my Rims" LMAO I got nothin'

  10. Why oh why must you do this to me, now I will lose sleep trying to come up with the very best words, but will they be good enough, I'll toss and turn, afraid of letting you down. I got nothing, nothing i tell you and finally my darling dog comes up with mystic marsh. This is why I keep her.

  11. Glad you had fun making those words Maggie. No luck here (but then I'm not too bright on these things!) - Dave

  12. Ok so since some of the ones I found were taken I have
    Same Cherry
    Rare Mice
    Sham ticerry
    Sam cherry mist.
    I know lame. Tried though Should get credit for effort lol

  13. I had to come back. These are too funny!

    I wish there was an "N."

    You could have "Rest in my arms"

    Dang it that would have been romantic! :0)

  14. Try his cream

    Scream this



    Marry rich


    Fun idea!! I tried to use my "every word" skills from the Kindle. Merry Christmas to you!!

  15. smarmiest cherry

    me is smart cherry

    cherry stem rims a

    crap. i dunno hahaha!


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