Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Question!

I'm over at my other blog With a Meek Heart today so you can join me by clicking HERE. For those just looking for the funny, I have a good one for you today.

We were on skype with my sis and her two boys yesterday and my sis told us that she went to a store that sold cow's blood and cow's bile. My 5 year old nephew responded to this by asking, "How do you make a cow throw up?" at which we all died laughing! I told him that you just stick your finger down it's throat but I'm not sure he bought it. That kid is a kick!


  1. Cow's blood and bile? Why, Lord, why?


  2. Love what little kids come up with

  3. I'm with the other two. Love what kids say but Why Lord Why?

  4. Why would anyone need cow's blood-n-bile? I not hungry anymore, thank you very much! (No McDonald's, I promise.)

  5. Does your sister live out by Forks? I could imagine they'd have a market for the cow's blood with all those vampires running around.

    1. My sis actually lives in your neck of the woods! I think she would go crazy in a little town like Forks. She did in our town and it was huge compared to Forks!

  6. Are there a lot of Masai where you are?

  7. Sparkly vampires need not apply, Scope! They are a plague and a pestilence!


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