Monday, May 7, 2012

*Santa and Tooth Fairy spoiler alert!

Since Branden works a full day on Saturday, I usually try to go into town and meet him for his lunch break. This last Saturday was no different, except I was also planning on meeting a friend of mine for coffee afterwards. My friend took me to a quirky little coffee shop I hadn't been to before down one of Cork's many little alleyways.

My friend is originally from Spain and I was curious to know if they had things like the Tooth Fairy back in Spain. She informed me that instead of a Tooth Fairy it was a mouse, which would crawl under your pillow to take your tooth...sure that might be more believable than a fairy but I don't think I'd like the idea of a mouse on my pillow!

This got us onto a wonderful Christmas conversation.

My friend informed me, "We didn't have Santa when I was growing up although he's part of Christmas now because he's so popular everywhere else."

"So did you have something else then besides Santa?" I questioned her.

"Oh yes, we have the Three Wise Men!" she stated.

Slightly chuckling, "Well I suppose you would get more gifts with Three Wise Men than with just one Santa!" She laughed a little too and I continued, "We leave milk and cookies for Santa that our parents eat and drink when we sleep..."

She jumped in, "Oh we do that too for the Three Wise Men."

I was definitely laughing at this thought, "That would be pretty tough for your parents to have to eat everything for Three Wise Men!!"

And then, as if I should have thought of it myself, she stated, "And their camels!"

At this point, I lost it and was just dying! "What do you leave for 3 camels!?! A hay bale?? The poor parents that have to eat that!"

She sadly didn't really know what to leave for the camels because she never did it when she was little, but I couldn't get over the thought of leaving a massive plate of food for 3 Christmas visitors and a bale of hay for their camels!

On a different note, she also said that she never knew anyone who was vegetarian back in Spain, which really got me thinking. Since we had a Spanish housemate who's family would send him the most amazing sausages and cured meat, Branden and I came to the conclusion that Spain has the best meat in the world! With this in mind, I wondered out loud, "With the incredible meat that you have in Spain, I can't imagine why anyone would want to be a vegetarian there. Maybe vegetarians only live in countries that have not so great meat? I just think it would be torture to be a vegetarian in Spain!"

Maybe I'm onto something???

Anyway, for your music today, I'm giving you something super cute and fun! Britain's Got Talent is going on over here and even though we haven't been watching it faithfully, we have caught some bits of it. Thank goodness we saw some of it last night because this was the sweetest thing! Since most of you are dog lovers, I know you'll love it too!

Isn't that the cutest ending ever!?! I about died from overdose of adorableness! I really hope they win (although I am a bit bias, especially since I haven't really seen any of the other acts!) and Simon really is rooting for them too. He has wanted a dog act to win forever so he loves these two...and can you blame him?


  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe how smart and cute Pudsey is! I was surprised to see Simon in a suit. On American Idol he always wore a tight t-shirt.


  3. And as I read this, I asked Tony if they had the tooth fairy in Portugal. He looked at me as if I was crazy.

    That would be a NO.

  4. It's so fun learning about the different traditions around the world. The mouse is such a fun idea ;)

  5. Why does that first picture look like it could be a side road at Disney?

  6. Pudsey is sooo cute! as far as a mouse on my pillow... he wouldn't be there long, money or not

  7. There I was, thinking I knew a thing or two about Spanish people.... a tooth mouse? Is that a fact What! Our parents eat those cookies! Say it ain't so! Say it AIN'T so! I have yet to meet one wise man, let alone three..... :D

  8. The Dutch tradition has a fellow named Sinter Klaas come with gifts, and children are meant to leave out carrots, for his horses to eat.


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