Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's in my head today

Hmmmm, what to type, what to type? I am drawing a bit of a blank today and can't seem to come up with what to blog about . This means I will resort to the possibly worst option and just type whatever comes to mind. Oh wait, Branden just brought lunch in so I will be back in 5...

*elevator music*

...mmmm, tuna with green onions on tasty bread from the bakery in the English Market. It probably doesn't help that I can't think because I'm stressed out since the cleaners and the landlady are here. My anxiety doesn't like them.

I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh trying to think of something. I once had a Pooh alarm clock. It was a plastic shape of Pooh holding a honey pot and the front of the pot was the face of the clock. A bee on the top of the pot was the button for turning off the alarm...which incidentally was the loudest possible rendition of the Winnie the Pooh song on the face of this earth. It woke the whole house up and always startled me awake with a severe jolt of terror! I never thought a willy, nilly, silly, old bear could strike such fear into a sleeping child, but it did.

I want to learn how to crochet again. Actually, 'again' isn't the correct term as I never knew how to properly crochet. I only knew how to do a single line and never figured out rows very well. The one time I tried to make a simple pot holder, it became a kidney and I gave up trying to get better. I fell in love with a ball of yarn at a store, which is odd I know, because it was a wonderful mint green color. Branden bought it for me and I've managed to so far make a couple of necklaces out of it. I would love to crochet with it though but I first need to get a crochet needle, and second, not give up when my next product comes out looking like anatomy pieces. On Pinterest, I saw something for teaching your 3 year old how to finger knit so I thought I'd give it a try. If a 3 year old can do it then I certainly would be a Jedi master at 28. No such luck. I hit up youtube to see a video version instead of photos...maybe that was the problem...still no such luck and it was a 7 year old doing the video. Not my brightest moment but I did show that I have a decent arm on me when I chucked the yarn ball across the room.

I love emo rock music; the more depressing the better. My Chemical Romance's Black Parade album will always be an epic favorite of mine and I still love listening to the entire thing and singing along the whole time. I once accidentally flooded my kitchen while having a sing along to this. Yes, a bit of wine was involved as it helps with the cleaning mood, and as I turned my faucet on to fill the sink, a particularly moving song came on. So I sat on the floor in my living room, wine glass in hand, and sang heartily along with fervent gusto and feeling. It was a moving performance until I walked back into the kitchen, forgetting completely about the sink, and walked into a puddle. Then in true emo fashion, I cried like a little girl, mascara pouring down my face over the mess I made, and sopped up the water with towels. It's still not as bad as the time I had a meltdown over the dishwasher...but that may have to wait for another day...


  1. Yes, life can be very hard...

  2. I never thought about practicing my softball moves with a ball of yarn.. You are a genius! I learn from you every time I come over and I'M 39. haha

  3. that sandwich sounds good. thanks alot for making me hungry.

  4. I have a Winnie the Pooh and Tigger clock with my name on it. It's on my bookcase right across from where I'm sitting so I can always look at Pooh and Tigger and know the time. I cannot crochet. As for finger knitting for 3 year olds, betcha I couldn't do it.


  5. Throw some towels on the ground and get back to the wine.

  6. Omgoodness! I'm helping a friend clean out his grandma's house and she has at least 50 crochet hooks and twice as many knitting needle pairs. I should send you some along with a how to crochet for dummies book!


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