Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things that drive me insane!

The lovely, wonderful, fabulous, and hysterical Melynda, tagged me in a fun little award. I am supposed to give 7 pet peeves which initially I thought would be easy. After numbering 1-7, I filled out number 1 and then stared in wonder at what I would fill the other 6 with. So I did what I always do, discuss it with Branden!

"I have to come up with 7 pet peeves and I only have one!" I semi-whined.

Branden looked at me in his absolute best "are you freakin kidding me???" face.

"Ok, well I could write a list for you, but that wouldn't look very nice!" I answered his skeptical face.

"But the things that I bug you about also bug you if other people do them."

He had a point so I got on with my list pretty easily...

And here it is:

1. People on their phones constantly. I particularly mean cases like when you are having a meal with someone or spending some genuine time with someone. (there are some atmospheres and situations where it is totally appropriate) Since moving away to a place where I couldn't call or text my friends or family, I have completely lost connection with my phone. I am a super slow texter and whenever I have to get a new phone, I ask for the most basic model as possible. So many people are in a love affair with their phones and I know what wonderful freedom they could have from it so it drives me extra nuts when people are constantly checking their phones.

2. Obnoxious gum chewers, open mouth eaters, and those who bite their spoons and forks when they eat. These are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

3. This may just be something for people who live in shared housing, but I can't stand people who put away dishes from the dishwasher and don't check them! The dishwasher can leave dirty dishes so please check and stop putting them in the cupboard so that I find floaties in my mug the next time I make a cup of tea! I also can't stand those who seem to have no concept of how to load a dishwasher. Placing a cup in an upright position will never get clean; it will just collect all the dirty water!!

4. People who wear track suits everywhere and all the time. I don't know if this is just something that is going on over on this side of the pond, I don't remember it in the States, but considering that most of them only run for a bus or sale on beer, I don't think they are qualified to be wearing such a it's about as schlubby as wearing your pj's in public.

5. Parents who swear at their kids, especially little kids! I had to bite almost through my tongue when I recently heard a lady in a store get mad at her adorable 3 year old little girl (over nothing!) and dropped an F-bomb at her in her anger. I can understand getting frustrated and even angry at your kids, but there is no need to swear at them!

6. The 'sexy duck face'. This is just plain nasty and your lips do not look better that way at all!! After my attempt at the duck face, I realized that I really couldn't do it...because I've never tried!! Yay for living 28 years and not knowing how to look like I made out with a plunger!

7. Nobody seems to get that we are from Washington State NOT Washington DC when we initially tell them where we are from. We even say, "Washington State, on the West Coast, above California, we're about 3 hours from Seattle..." and they sometimes still don't get it. I've never even been to the East Coast so no, I haven't been to New York a lot!

Alright, now that I got the list done, I realize that Branden only occasionally does one of these but he at least got the ball rolling!

Now, Melynda did tag a lot of people afterwards so I'm leaving this totally open for anyone who wants to do it! It is pretty fun to do and I'd love to hear some of your pet peeves! If you just like reading about them, then pop over to Janie's and read her list that she also posted today! CLICK HERE


  1. People wearing tracksuits all the time and pyjamas outdoors are advertising the fact that they are the scum of the Earth.

    1. There was a documentary over here about "pajama girls"...must be slim pickings for documentaries these days!

  2. Is it OK if you wear your pj's all day--inside?

    1. Oh heck yes it's ok! (types the woman who's been in her's all day and it's after 6pm) :)

  3. lol You crack me up! This was awesome. Just so you know even in my household I have to tell people to check the stinkin dishes before they put them away! Drives me nuts. I hate the track suit trend.. It makes me want to punch a donkey.
    I never swear at my @#$$ kids. Just kidding I really don't swear at them.

  4. Yes to all, except number 3. I pre-wash every last speck from my dishes and use the dishwasher as a washer/sanitizer. It's how I do.

  5. Can't stand gum chewers, phone lovers, and bad dishwasher loaders. I haven't seen anyone in a track suit, but I don't get out much. Although I have a pretty dirty mouth, I keep it shut around little kids unless I have appropriate things to say to them, and I always do. Dr. X once heard a man in a checkout line behind him say, You little bitch. He turned to look, and it was a little girl. Dr. X promised not to hurt him, but he gave the man a lecture. I've never tried the duck face. The Washington - Washington thing can drive a person insane. We lived near Seattle and moved to Maryland, very near D.C. No matter how many times I said Washington State and explained where it was, people still thought I meant D.C. That's a good list.


  6. My wife's grandmother was visiting London, UK when she was about 15. The wife, not the grandmother. While in suburban Seattle, grandma insisted that she was in Washington, DC., and on the east coast. Cora tried to convince her to no avail that, No, she was in Washington state and on the west coast.

    If you want to blow their minds, try explaining the difference between "George Washington" vs. "George, Washington".

    This is all from a guy who, when I pronounce the name of my home town, people correct my pronunciation. As if I did know where I lived.

  7. Oooh, great list! I've had to learn how to not look at my phone all the's so addicting, and I usually find I'm more relaxed when I'm not worrying about what's on it!

  8. I can definitely relate to the first one!

    As I read this, I'm sitting next to a knuckle dragging jackass who thinks it's perfectly fine to chat on his cell phone (very loudly) in what's supposed to be a quiet, public place. He's getting quite a few dirty looks...

    I think that rates as a pet peeve.


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