Friday, August 12, 2011

Coach Loves His Cookies

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a bit of a sarcastic, sharp tongued woman. Luckily my husband can find it amusing as in the case of the specific scenario I'm about to share with you.

Background information:

My husband has a Nike windbreaker which is very nice, looks good on him, and is perfect for warmish days. I do like it but since I always make snarky comments, I tease him that he looks like a little league baseball coach in it. I'll call him "Coach" and ask him how his boys are doing, to which he usually grins back at me.

So the other day we were headed out:

Branden: Where's my jacket?

Me: Oh, the International Coach's Association came by and took it away because they didn't want you impersonating a coach anymore. *big smile on innocent face *blink *blink

We got quite a good laugh over that one. I'm lucky my husband understands my humor. I do tease everyone. I only don't tease someone if I don't like them, so if anything, my husband should be nervous if I ever stop teasing him!

*Coach getting some good luck for his team!

And now for something completely different! Since we don't usually keep dessert items in the house, if we decide that we want something we have to create it. One of our favorites is my no-bake Nutella cookies. Since this is just a random creation, I don't measure anything, so I'll just have to 'translate' what I do.

Granola (whatever kind you like. I like a basic kind with almonds and raisins)

Put a pot on your stovetop and melt about a tablespoon full of butter in it. Scoop in about 4 big scoops of Nutella into the melted butter. Add a little bit of milk to thin it. Stir it until it is a good smooth chocolate sauce. You don't want it to be too thin and runny but more like a melted chocolate bar. When it is right, mix in your granola. Add enough to completely coat the granola but not drown it. Let it cool enough for you to touch it and enough to keep a shape.

On a greased plate or cookie sheet, make cookie shapes out of your mix. If you wish to add a bit of jam (raspberry is my favorite!) then make them in a nest shape. Stick them into the fridge or freezer to set. When they are solid, you can add jam, eat them with ice cream, or just eat them on their own. They are very rich and very sweet so I can usually can only eat 1 in a sitting. Adjust the recipe as you need, this recipe will make about 6 cookies (I think). Enjoy!


  1. Well, I know what the kids and I are doing Sunday.

  2. It would be great for the kids to get their hands into the yummy mixture to make cookie shapes! Have fun but beware...they can be addicting! (Oh and don't throw your back out this time!)

  3. Well, it's nice to know you don't not like me.

  4. Joshua, how could I not not like a fellow person with an odd sense of humor similar to my own? Sarcasm loves company too my friend!

  5. ooooh! those cookies sound awesome!

  6. Nutella is one of my favorite all time things. I have gotten so many people hooked on it over here. It's a good thing they are starting to sell it in the states, but the bad thing is it cost half a kidney. sigh. Oh well they sound great and I'm snarky too which is why people don't get my post today lol

  7. Those sound deadly kiddo; and I bet stopping at one isn't the easiest thing either.

  8. I cannot wait to try this. I'm a nutella fan too ;)

  9. I have never had Nutella in my life. I've heard it's divine. Perhaps this recipe is the kick in the pants that I need to give it a whirl.

  10. Queen B, so awesome, your mind will be blown!

    Melynda, I remember not knowing much about Nutella growing up except that my few rich friends always had it. I like that you are snarky too....makes me excited to read what your post is today!

    Boomer, deadly as in you may as well just inject them strait into your arteries because that's probably where they are going! As much as I love rich, sweet treats, I actually find it easy to stop at one. They are quite hefty...which is what I'll become if I make them more often!

    Elisa, your kids will love you all the more...just be prepared for one of the biggest sugar rushes you probably have ever seen!

    DH, you WHAT!?! Get some and eat it by the spoonful with a glass of red wine! (it's period approved!) Thanks for stopping in!

  11. Nutella is my reason for living. I'll have to see if I can get E2 to make these for me!

  12. Mmmmm....Nutella.... And the 'Coach' thing is too funny.

  13. Hey woman! Just checking in with you. Hope your having a great week end!

  14. Thanks for stopping by so regularly. Glad you like the 80's hair. lol Every time I see those pictures I wonder what we were thinking. sigh That in and of itself is worth a giggle. To me anyway my mom doesn't see why I think it's so funny. Last time I told her it looked like I had transformed into a poodle and she stuck her finger in a light plug. She really doesn't get how that is funny. haha oh well.


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