Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's Funny Family Member: Granny

I am extremely behind in Blogland which is not good because next week I will be without a computer from the 23rd-26th as my husband is going away to Dublin for research, needs the computer, and I can't go with him. 
*insert hysterical crying here*

This basically means that I am going to be locked away in my room for 3 days reading my Kindle and watching whatever random crap is on TV to keep me from going insane. If I'm lucky, I will get enough courage to take myself to the park nearby to read if the sun is out...but the thought of going out anywhere on my own is almost enough to make me break out into stress sweats, so I better move on and not think about it.

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I was feeling very unwell. Tuesday was surprisingly good and we even managed to go on a picnic to the park since the sun decided it was finally due to visit Ireland again this year. Yesterday, I was fine in the morning and we went to a small gallery at the University to see some old Irish book that was on display (and the name of which I can't remember), but when we came out I all of a sudden felt like I was going to barf and pass out all at the same time. We sat on a bench for a while until I felt alright enough to walk home but I discovered that walking make the nausea worse, especially if I walked downhill. Luckily we made it home and then a killer of a headache hit. I was out the rest of the day, stuck in bed and in the dark. We were able to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which was fun amongst the pounding head and churning stomach. Thankfully I am feeling fine so far today. 

For your laugh today, I'm sharing more family stories. This is one that I posted back in October 2005 about my Granny. I start it by saying that "she is one of the sweetest women I will ever know" but she is also one of the strongest women I will ever know. This last time we were back in the States, she was going through chemo and radiation for her 5th bout with cancer. She has had all sorts of different types of cancer over her lifetime but she has always come through and never let it get her down. Branden and I were able to help her out when we were back and her positive attitude never wavered. She is done with treatment and recovering slowly, but recovering none the less. Granny is my namesake so she will always be such a part of me.

My Sweet Innocent Granny

My granny is one of the sweetest women I will ever know. I was lucky enough to get to live with her for about 6 months last year, and she would buy me little surprises every now and then. On Valentines day, I came home to find a red velvet bag with heart socks and red 'love cuffs'. I of course was slightly shocked at the fact my granny bought me handcuffs but then I had to remember she isn't so up on the ways of people today. When I thanked her for the gifts she said, "I just had to get you those handcuffs. I thought they were so cute and thought maybe you could use them on your youth group kids!" (at the time I was teaching middle/high school youth group and Sunday school). All I could do was laugh and think in my head, "Oh sure, I'm sure Marykay Laternou used them on her kids too!" 

Well, I am proud of my granny and I'm proud of her naiveness, so I proudly hung the handcuffs from my rearview mirror. They are there to this day and have only been taken off once because my mom took my car to church one morning and was too embarrassed to been seen with them! 


  1. Um first I just noticed your straight jacket comment and honestly i love it. lol As for grandma's and their innocent ways after reading this I now have the courage to write my grandma's um innocent comment down so thank you.
    As for your illness... are you pregnant because it sounds like you are and anemic at the same time. Might wanna get that checked out lady.

  2. The straitjacket comment used to be my old tagline for my old Padded Cell Confessions blog. I wanted to use it again somehow so I stuck it in the comment section! Glad you like it! I'm stoked to read about your grandma...I can only imagine!
    My 'illness' is definitely not's just that my monthly times are usually killer and miserable. Branden thinks that yesterday I may have actually had heat stroke but I lean more on migraine. Thanks for checkin in on me and I'll catch up with you soon!

  3. LOL!! Maybe you can use them on your youth group kids!!! Hilarious. Thank you I needed a laugh like that today. :)

  4. You can always paint some stuff to share with us when he's back. Yeah?

  5. hahaha! that would be one way to get fired from volunteer work :) too funny

  6. Sorry you weren't feeling well. We'll miss your comments and posts! I bet you will have much to write about when he gets back.

    Your Granny sounds awesome! My Grandma Ann had that kind of innocence also.


  7. HulaBuns, yes you do need a laugh considering the horrible cliff hanger you left me on with falling down the stairs! I am on the edge of panic waiting to hear what has happened!!! I even was laying awake last night praying that all would turn out well!

    Joshua, I just need to print out the things I want to pain off of the computer and then that could be a possibility. My mom-in-law just sent out another box of fun which will include a lot of costume jewelry stuff that I can tear apart and recreate...probably not quite your thing but I'll be having fun!

    Queen B, lol, yes it would be! Luckily they didn't fire me for keeping them on my review mirror. Anyone who asked about them (which was mostly everyone) I just told them the story and they all laughed and had no problems with them!

  8. Thanks Stephanie! I have really been missing everyone's posts and blogs too (especially when you go and create a new and cute one for Peanut!). Hopefully I won't get too behind and can find lots of writing material while he's away!

  9. Oh MY Goodness. I got a kick out of your Granny's antics. She sounds so very cute.

  10. Annie and Mike, yes I can't think of anything cuter than a Grandmother who unknowingly gives out sex toys! ;) She is pretty dang adorable!

  11. Peanut will be with her dad until Monday, so you won't miss many posts. Thanks for your sweet comments on her blog. She is really enjoying it.

  12. What an awesome grandma LOL! I miss my grandma so much. I would call her every Saturday, and tell her the crudest jokes. That woman always tried to stifle a laugh, but she's end up busting up anyway.

  13. Or Lord, the things people would think if you were to ever use love cuffs on a middle or high school kid in America today! HA HA!!

  14. You will survive without a computer, I promise!...I think...
    As for your granny, I love it! Sounds like something my mom would buy for my kids, adding, "You can play cops and robbers with them." Aaaah the elderly!

  15. So sweet, Mags!

    Was the old Irish book called The Book of Kells?

  16. Stephanie, I think it's a great little outlet for her and it definitely looks like everyone else is loving it too!

    Elisa, that is hilarious! I can't imagine trying to tell either of my grandmas crude jokes but my husband and I were cracking up over you doing it! That is hysterical!

    Fail, hahaha I'm sure they could teach the rest of us a thing or two on how to use them! lol

    Sandra, I probably will survive but I will be miserable in my survival! ;)

    Gina, Branden has since reminded me that the book was The Book of Lismore. The Book of Kells is currently in Dublin and Branden (the doody head who's leaving me for a few days) is going to get to see it while he's there! Have you seen the recent animated movie about the Book of Kells? It's pretty awesome!

  17. I featured you on my blog today LOL! I LOVE your comments--so fun :0)

  18. Maybe grandma isn't quite as naive as you think young one. Just how old was she when she gave you those?

    BTW- Can't you go to your local library and use the computer there while your significant other is away?

  19. If it was my other Grandma then I would definitely not claim naiveness but my Granny has a track record for this sort of thing. She has been widowed since she was 60, never ever wanted to date again, got herself a dog instead and bought these for me when she was in her late 70's.

    I possibly could go to the local library but I most likely would break out into hives first at the thought of going anywhere by myself, especially a new place! I couldn't even go grocery shopping by myself in the town I lived in for 25 years. Good idea though for if I ever don't want to share the computer and can just send the husband off to the library ;)

  20. Oh and Boomer, for some reason my computer is being very stupid with your website and not showing me your recent blogs or having certain ones disappear. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon so I can get back into reading them...before I start going through withdrawals!

  21. Your Granny sounds like a wonderful lady PCP. Hope you are feeling better now?


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