Monday, August 15, 2011

Pain and Paintings

I'm in the process of dying apparently. I won't go into details, but I will be better in a few days. Since I am doubled over with a heating pad (thanks Ma for making it!), I find that writing is not working out very well. So here are the two watercolor paintings I've done over the weekend. I have found that I don't do very well painting from photos or scenes, but I do fairly well with illustrations. This inspiration came from watching The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The colors scanned alright but they aren't quite at nice as the actual paintings.

 Pooh falling out of the honey tree

Dumbo being held by his mother

I actually did this one last month after reading Wind in the Willows. Mole and Ratty on the river.

Fingers crossed, I get lucky and tomorrow is a much better day, but if you happen to see Mother Nature, beat the crap out of her for me!


  1. Those are AMAZING! I love them ;)

    I'm praying for you. I hope you'll get feeling better soon.

  2. Nothing wrong with those scans, even if the colors are not as vibrant as reality. They look great. Also, tell your aunt to get thee hence.

  3. Thanks Elisa and also thanks for the prayers!

    Joshua, thanks as well. And I would tell off the aunt but if she leaves then it means the stork will take her place and I think at this point, I'd rather just continue dying!

  4. Mother Nature is such a bitch! Hope you feel better soon!
    Love the paintings!

  5. Feel better, sweetie! The Dumbo picture (all great btw)reminds me of when Peanut was younger (about 2)...she asked if Dumbo's mom read to him at night (like I did her)...when I said yes, she walked up to the tv with a book right as Dumbo's mom was rocking him in her trunk. Okay, now I want to snuggle up with my Peanut.
    Again, feel better soon!

  6. Lisa, yes she is! I'm trying to fight her off with husband made an 'emergency' store run ! ;)

    Stephanie what a cute memory of Peanut! I was looking up Dumbo on Google Images and I came across the one of his mom holding him in her trunk and I just melted! I knew I had to paint it (plus it was fairly basic!).

    Queen B, Thanks so much!

  7. Your watercolors are gorgeous, hey I've an idea on how to cheer you up. I could attempt a couple of paintings of my own, they would really make you laugh.

  8. Thank you Ryan, you are too kind! I sort of find it as cheating because I can't draw well, at least not real objects, but I can draw another drawing decently. When I try to do a real object or scene, it can be comical and I'd be more than happy to see what you can come up with ;)

  9. Oh young one, I'm so sorry you have the monthly miseries. Been there- done that. I missed an entire family vacation to the beach because of that very thing many moons ago.

    I hope you feel better soon. Try a Long Island Iced Tea.:)

    BTW- I really like your Dumbo painting.

  10. Thank you Boomer. I pray that menopause comes to me early, hopefully as soon as I'm done having kids! There is just no amount of pain killers that can seem to touch it but my mom always said to be 'grateful' because it's good prep for labor...I find it hard to be grateful that I seem to get a lot of 'experience'. I like the Long Island Iced Tea idea though!! My husband used to make them...

    I'm glad you like Dumbo. I thought it was too sweet and had to paint it!


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