Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Glimpse of My Marriage to an Academic

For today's post there is a bit of background info which comes from a hilarious post from the wonderful Melynda from Crazy World. She wrote a post a while back called The Tribe so I will wait here for a moment as you go and read it (or refresh yourselves on it since I know some of you stalk her as frequently as I do!). I should also mention that I got to use the words "penis splinters" in a comment so you know it must be a good post!

Read it? Good, now back to me! Most blogs I read, my husband reads too (actually I read them to him and we laugh and laugh together over all of your fun posts!) so he was well aware of Melynda's convo with her husband about The Tribe.

Since Branden has been back, we have been just like two middle school sweethearts who can't seem to stop talking. This has lead to hours of laying awake in bed chatting about random things, laughing and generally not able to get to sleep because we are just too happy to be together. One of these nights Branden out of the blue said,   (Branden is is blue and I am in pink)

"So have you given any thought into who you would choose if you were stuck on an island?"

My mind went Melynda's post, but I was a bit thrown off since she posted this about a week previously...and they say women like to bring up random past stuff!

"Are you wanting me to go by Melynda's rules of if I could only choose girls or just if I had to choose from the people I know?"

"You can just choose people you know."

"...well, I would have to choose Chrissy because she's just burls and can take on anything! Then I'd have to have Alicia because she's almost done with medical school so she's practically a doctor. Josh and Jaime would be good because Josh is a nurse and Jaime (his wife) would keep our teeth healthy." (she is a dental hygienist)

*pause (am I missing anyone??) "Oh and of course I'd have to have you so we could populate the island, and you would be our historian to remind us from whence we came." I was thinking I had done fairly well so I confidently asked, "So what about you?"

"Well, I was thinking I'd need at least 10 people because I would need to include some philosophers, electricians, plumbers..."

"Wait, wait, wait, what?? You need philosophers on a deserted island?? And what are you going to do with an electrician in the middle of nowhere?"

"Mags, you can get electrical current through lemons so an electrician would be useful."

"Ok, last time I heard the story, Benjamin Franklin did not have a lemon tied onto his kite!"

We are both laughing ridiculously through all of this btw...

"So you would have a philosopher, electrician and a plumber for your deserted island...you would have the most boring version of Gilligan's Island ever!"

"Well I'm planning for the future of the civilization so these things are necessary."

"Oh I get it, you are playing Age of Empires not Gilligan's Island. Well in that case then I get Ty Pennington to do all of our carpentry work, Bear Grills to catch us squirrels for food, and Oprah to help us deal with our feelings of being left stranded and starting up a new society."

"If you're going to choose celebrities then you could just say Chuck Norris and Mr. T and that's all you'd need."

"No, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Macgyver and Bear Grills! I win! My island would kick your philosophical island's butt!"

We continued laughing and teasing each other over our different islands for a while longer and have even been laughing about it still days later...but I still win since I have Bear Grills!

From Branden's graduation from The University of Edinburgh last November 
(I think it looks like he graduated from Hogwarts in that robe!)


  1. This picture of you, you can see the pride PRIDE in your face.
    Just love it.

  2. Of course MacGyver!

  3. Empress, yes it was a very proud moment for me (and so I blame that for accidentally turning the video camera OFF instead of ON when he got his diploma!) Thanks for stopping it :)

    Joshua, I think he could easily take Chuck Norris...with a paper clip, gum wrapper and some hair from his mullet!

  4. I'm so glad you're having such a good time reconnecting this week. You two are a trip! Keep the sillies coming!

  5. So much fun. That whole tribe idea is golden! I want to be in your tribe :0) Melynda is a hoot--the best neighbor ever!

  6. Stephanie, thanks! I'm so thankful that Branden is an academic but he can handle me laughing at him and he can laugh at himself...although I think we laugh more over me...

    Elisa, we didn't even get started on a blogger tribe! I have no clue how I would narrow that one down so I'll just have to take you all!

  7. HUGE KUDOS TO BRANDEN!!! It is so true, with Chuck Norris and Mr. T you could rule the whole world from a dessert island!!! And great job on including Mr. T, not just everyone would know to do that. :)

  8. Ah Mr. T is old. He couldn't do anything of use. Maybe 20 years ago. McGyver on the other hand, well it just wouldn't matter how old he is. As long as his brain still worked and he was still handsome he would be very useful. I'm with you girl. If I ever have to be stranded, I'll take you with me because you thought that one through. lol. Isn't it funny how this Tribe thing has taken off. hahaha I'm getting a huge kick out of it. Thanks for the link. That was super nice of you! I disagree with E though She's the best neighbor ever.

  9. I love conversations like that. They are so much fun. And the more obtuse the questions the better, I think. BTW- He's quite a hottie. Am I told old to say that?

  10. Chrissy, Branden did make a good call on remembering Mr. T although he's in a lot of Snicker commercials over here yelling "Get some nuts!" all the time...

    Melynda, I do think MacGyver is probably the best on the whole team but I had to make sure I covered all grounds. The Tribe was brilliant and I'm so grateful for the days of laughter it has caused us!

    Boomer, we have these convos constantly but I am so used to them that I don't always think of blogging about them. Sometimes I wish we had a tape recorder with us constantly so I could go back and laugh at how ridiculous we must sound! Oh and two things: You are NOT OLD and yes he most definitely is a hottie (thanks for noticing!).

  11. You certainly had fun over that island business. I have never stopped to wonder about that. Sounds like fun though - Dave


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