Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pet Peeve that could be Fatal

Luckily, my particular pet peeve that I'm going to share with you today, is not one that I run across often while living abroad. However, since I have a sad and pathetic guilty pleasure of watching Judge Judy, my pet peeve is alive and aggravating. So what is this horrible irritation that could drive me to drop kick an adorable Disney character?? Quite simply, it is the repulsive way people say "axe" instead of "ask". My toes curl, my eyes bulge, my hair tingles and I just want to fly through the TV and show them what "axing" really means! This isn't just a simple mispronunciation, this simple word could be the difference between life and a torturous death!


Your child brings over a new friend who just moved into the neighborhood. The new kid wants to know if he can stay for dinner. You reply with, "Go axe your mother"...BAM! Potential manslaughter! Now the child probably wouldn't be able to take on his mom but what if you tell them to "axe grandma"??? I don't think people realize how powerful the error of their ways could be!

So that is my nagging pet peeve. Luckily, from the accents over here, people don't pronounce it in the fatal form that some Americans do (and this type is oddly found on Judge Judy a lot!). I do also become highly irritated over the mispronunciation of "breakfast" as "brefix", but since it has no life threatening potential, I let it slide.


  1. I knew a guy in college who pronounced "especially" as "exspecially."

    I wish that was a joke.

  2. That is sooo funny. I used to say Twitter Painted instead of twitterpated. That was a long time ago though (last year) LMAO!

    I LOVE that picture with the (s)laughter thing--epic :0)

  3. The ax-ask mispronunciation has been going on for centuries young one. Things such as that can be overcome; but sadly most people just don't care enough about how they sound to do so.

    You might want to invest in a mouth guard to protect your pearly whites. You've got a lot of life left.

  4. I've got a coworker that goes with supposebly rather than the actual English word, supposedly. Drives me banana sandwich!


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