Friday, August 5, 2011

Search Engine Fun

Since I've only been at this blog thing again for 3 or 4 months, I don't seem to have any good Search Engine hits on my blog yet. So far I've only had "padded cell confessions", "confessions from a padded cell" and "due to technical difficulties message". Pretty boring but I know these will become more amusing with time. In my past blogging days, I received a few funny ones but also a large number of bizarre hits. Here is a list of hits from my blogging days of old!

Funny Google Hits:  

Oh, Poopie!    (Probably an old woman looking up her favorite phrase)

Why is a padded cell fluffy?   (Because it's umm...I know this is a shot in the dark padded!)

Sick and Wrong, we should flog these people, Hits: 

hot granny web cam  (EWWWW! How I came up in this search, I have no clue!)

bestiality confessions  (Worse than the granny one! Did they want the cow's side of the story?)

skinny dipping pics porn  (If you found me from this, get in your shower, turn it on cold and just sit in it for a while!)

Apparently I have a large and random array of topics that makes me ideal for bizarre Google searches! I'm now very disturbed to think that these people are actually living, breathing, and breeding in my atmosphere...

*Afterthought: I've just given these sick people a way to find me again haven't I...Crap!


  1. I like that I have things like "atari 6400" and "autobot logo" making it into my top search results. But, number one on the all time list: Monkey Feet. Hell yeah!

  2. Isn't it funny how some words bring up your blog even though it's not even CLOSE to what they were searching for? My favorite search key words this week were, "What is a vagina?" Haha, love it!

  3. ooh that's weird! I have not checked mine in a long time. hmmmm

  4. Joshua...monkey feet!?! That's just awesome!

    Holly, hehehe, from that search you either added a young boy or a man who lives in a cave to your reader list!

    Queen B, now your mission is to check your could have a blog post in the making!

  5. "The cow's side of the story" LMAO! You are soooo awesome! I'm addicted to your blog :0)

  6. Thanks Elisabeth! Me...and my husband!!...are addicted to your blog! We constantly talk about how much we hope our kids are like yours!

  7. Yes you did girl! lol I haven't had any bizzaro ones yet. Kinda makes me sad. E on the other hand gets them all the time. I love your blog too. You are doing awesome.

  8. With the things you blog about?? I'm surprised you haven't had any funny search engine hits yet! Don't worry, your day will come and you'll find it hard to sleep at night thinking there are crazies out there stalking you down...or maybe that's just me... I'm glad to 'see' you and hope all went well! I can't wait for your next post.

  9. Yup,you just left the door wide open for crazies. Maybe the one about granny is because of me. I am hot Grandma Gertie. At least the guy at my house thinks so. LOL!

  10. Welcome Grandma Gertie! I do have plenty of room for crazies (this is a padded cell after all!). I have a granny and I used to blog about her but the combo of hot granny webcam was a bit odd...Glad you stopped in!

  11. Don't fret young one. In no time you'll have a whole new array of bizarre ways that people will find you.

    Some of your old ones were doozies too though.

  12. Ok in response to your comment. I'm so glad he grew out of his nudist period. I didn't think I was ever gonna convince that boy clothes are GOOOD. haha. It's hard for me to believe he is 14 now. I'm getting old fast.


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