Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I had been dreading Saturday all week. We needed to go to the shops in town so I was dreading the long walk back home with 6 or so pounds of cold raw meat in the small of my back (that's where it settles in my backpack). Surprisingly we woke up at a decent time and could catch the cheap, early showing of the final Harry Potter movie. If you go at 11:30am it only costs 4 euros each which is about $5.75!

I have been a bit hesitant to go see it since it is a tradition that my dad and I always go and see Harry Potter films together. We have managed every single film, even the last one, despite that I was in Scotland when it came out and at the time didn't think I was going back to the States anytime soon. Luckily it worked out that we got to go back for a few months before moving to Ireland so dad and I had our traditional movie date. Since this was the absolute final film, I was a bit depressed that:

1) it was all ending
B) I wouldn't get to see the final one with my dad

I finally bit the bullet and we packed up our backpacks and shopping bags to go to the shops afterwards and made the 30 min walk into town. When the film started, I could feel my heart pounding. It raced and jumped and at times I thought it was going to just beat out of my chest! About 45 minutes into the film I realized this was because I had chugged my coffee before setting off on our walk to the cinema...count this as your tip of the day. I sat with tissue clenched in my hand the entire film, just waiting to burst into tears but I never did. I did like the film but that's probably because it has been years since I read the final book and actually couldn't remember how it all ended.

Ok, sentimental bit over, we did our shop run and packed our groceries like mules back home. Later, we managed to get everyone in my parent's house on Skype, which happens about as often as a solar eclipse. Ma, Dad, my sis Katie, 4 1/2 year old nephew Hunter and 10 month old nephew Brady were all beaming back at us on the webcam. My dad and I got to share our different experiences with seeing the HP film apart from each other and I got some fun updates about my nephews.

My sis caught Brady with her cell phone the other day. He was saying "Dada, dada" into it and then holding it up to his ear like it was a walkie talkie, hoping his dad, who is on deployment, would magically start talking back to him. I thought this was adorable and remembered back to when Hunter was about that age and his dad was gone, and he thought that his dad lived in a stuffed globe we would use to show him where daddy was on his boat. My sis also informed me that Hunter called her a 'sexy lady' the other day, so my sis asked him what makes a lady sexy? He thought about it and replied, "A girl with a nice shirt and pants". Sweet! I've got sexy made then!

Of course it wouldn't be an official weekend without our Romanian neighbors having a fire in the back garden and blaring bad 90's music hits, causing us to have to keep our bedroom and bathroom windows closed or be asphyxiated. If I hear the Macarena one more time, I think I will start chucking bottles filled with gasoline over the garden wall! Unfortunately today is a bank holiday so I have an extra day of putting up with their shenanigans. I suppose I should note, that I don't actually know that they are Romanian. The language they are speaking sounds Eastern European but Romanian has a better ring to it when blogging.

So that was my weekend. Sorry, it was a longer type up than I expected, so tomorrow I plan on a shorter post. I have a nagging pet peeve that I've been wanting to share...

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. To compass such a boundless happiness! Following!

  2. Does coffee make you cry or was it the film. Dickhead neighbours make me want to cry. Or destroy.

  3. No wonder you want to live on our street. lol Sorry about the dad thing. I know the first couple of years away from home I had those moments when i had to stop and realize I could do certain things that my dad and I used to do without him and it made me homesick. Glad you did it though. Have a great day and thanks for reading my crazy post. I know they are long. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Jack and welcome to my cell! I hope you find it comfortable :)

    Tony, coffee only makes me shaky but I suppose if I had a quad shot mocha it could shake the tears right from my head! If you care to destroy...I'm only an Irish Sea away!

    Crazy, yes your street is so much cooler than mine. My other neighbors are a B&B and I have a massive University building across the street. At least there are parks nearby so I survive. Thanks for all your sweet comments and I love reading every word of your long and crazy posts!! Keep it up!!

  5. Down with the Romanians...or whoever. And down with the 90's!!!! *shaking fist in air*

  6. As long as it's not Bulgarian. I work with one, and he's just impossible.

    I don't see movies when the come out anymore. There's a theatre by my house that's 75 cents all day Tuesday, and $1.75 the rest of the week. It's like my Twitter profile says, "One Cheap Bastard."


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