Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank Heavens for My Camera

Last night, my husband and I headed out to the church we've been attending for their Tuesday night study. It's quite the walk through the University, past a park, along a pub filled road that leads to the huge Cathedral in town, up quite a few hills, through some sketchy neighborhoods, and finally to the Catholic school that the Protestant church meets in.

As we were in the sketchy neighborhood part, I saw a small German Shepherd ahead of us, running like a giddy escaped convict with his stressed owner attempting to snag him. He looked friendly enough and I'm more than willing to admit that I am completely animal starved, so I probably would have thrown myself in front of a stampeding bull elephant if given the chance. The dog hadn't spotted me as he ran in my direction so when he was close enough, I bent down with my hand out and started talking to him like he was a small child. I figured in his mind, he would think, "hmmm, new person...I wonder if it has food!" and come to me, and it worked! Unfortunately he had no collar on so I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and just started petting him like as if I had never seen a dog before in my life (oh, and the baby cooing didn't stop either). The grateful owner finally caught up and I was able to hand over the adorable dog. Branden and I continued on our way but I quickly realized that my cute furry captive was also very smelly and I was reeking of dog!

When we got to the church, Branden made the ever so brilliant comment that I should probably go wash my hands since I had quite the dog stench on me, so I made the crazy journey up a few flights of stairs and down a scary, possibly filmed in a horror flick, dark hallway to find the women's room. I had never used the restrooms there so I was completely surprised by an object I saw in the women's room and instantly wished I had my camera on me. Totally bummed, I walked out but decided to peek in my purse to see if maybe the house elves had snuck my camera in my purse by chance...and they had! Smiling like an idiot, I got my camera out and went back into the bathroom, checking under stalls so I didn't freak someone out by the sound of photos being taken in the vicinity of them doing their doody. With the all clear, I took a quick snap and quickly put the camera back in my purse, ecstatic that I would get to use this as blog material! So, this is what I saw:

This has got to be the most treacherous baby changing station I have ever seen! My first thought upon seeing it was 'If that's a baby changing station, then I think I know why population in Ireland is so low!'. I have dubbed this, The Baby Changing Station of Death! I'm pretty sure it was made in about the 1950's and I have no idea what sort of safety feature the wheels on the bottom are! It's also at a slight downward slope...very nice for your smooth, round infant.

When we left the church and headed back, I was even more excited when I saw another sight that I was unable to photo due to not having my camera on me...think back to a tip of the day...

Sadly, it's not paralleled parked between some other cars but you get the idea! Considering this isn't the first time seeing it parked in front of that pub, I'm guessing Mr. Power Chair is a regular.

Yesterday taught me a very good lesson: Keep my camera on me at all times and it could practically write my blog for me!


  1. I imagine that nursing chair isn't that comfortable eaither.

  2. Oh my goodness, that changing station! REALLY?! Haha!

    And I think I want to make friends with whoever owns that chair!

  3. LOVE it! Blogging has definitely made me make a habit out of reaching for the camera ASAP upon a funny discovery. Lots of times it's just to jog my memory to post about it, once I get back to the computer :)

  4. That changing station looks like it's about to lurk from the room. So creepy LOL!

  5. Joshua, maybe that's why the toilet roll is there...could be cosy in the small of your back??

    Holly, thanks for stopping in! Welcome to my cell! Doesn't the changing station just make every mom instinct in you scream?? I could make it a mission to find out who the chair belongs to and see if they want a pen pal ;)

    Queen B, a camera is a blogging necessity! I just never remember to pack it on me!

    Elisabeth, maybe that's what the wheels are for?? I can imagine it becoming some creature that scours the dark hallways at night...

  6. I don't know. After a few pints, the wobbles and slopes kinda even out don't they?

  7. I want to ride in that chair. If I had it I would drive it to the grocery store, and everywhere else until they made me stop. How fun would that be? Still jealous you not only lived in Scotland but now in Ireland.. insert deep sigh.. I will live vicariously through your photo's my friend. Make it happen for my sanity.

  8. haha! That reminds me of the horrifying car seats from way back in the day-rickety and unsafe.
    Also wondering about drinking and driving the motorized wheel chair...crazy!


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