Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And the Award for "The Best Week Ever" goes too...

What a difference a week makes! I don't think anyone noticed but last week I didn't have any current funny moments or stories. Instead, I dived into my archives for laughs because there wasn't much fun happening over here. Thankfully I learned something very important: When you are just managing to stay afloat, always keep your eyes to the sky in order to not drown. Seems obvious but for some reason it's really easy to look down into the deep watery abyss that wants to swallow you up instead.

As a lot of you have read, Branden has been trying to get a job for the past 7 months. He has applied for job after job after job with not so much as a call back. Finally he caught his break yesterday! It has been a long time since I have cried for joy so I think I tried making up for lost time. Not only does he now have a job (he starts training today) but he gets to work in the fabulous English Market.

Think of it as a giant, indoor farmer's market. It is a huge tourist attraction (the Queen of England visited this summer) but it is also a wonderful place to do your shopping! For the most part, we find the prices to be cheaper than that of grocery stores so we love to do our shopping here. The store Branden will be working in sells fruits, vegetables, teas, and herbs. It is surrounded by a butcher shop, a cake shop, a bread baker, and a Mediterranean store that sells olives, cheeses, and sausages. He is very excited to start and we are just so overjoyed to be blessed with this job!

Another wonderful surprise was yet another blog award granted to me by the enviously funny Paige Kellerman! It has been really terrifying nice to see her blog steal all the people who could be reading my blog and will never find me funny after reading her posts grow and get the attention it deserves. If you for some reason haven't checked out her blog then you really must never do it or you will be sucked in and never come back to me check her out and laugh hilariously over her brilliantly worded posts. Branden and I have actually had a few conversations about how to knock her off because she is seriously the biggest competition I could ever come across incredible her writing style is and wondered how she manages to come up with such uniquely funny ideas.

In all seriousness, go check her because she is honestly one of my favorite reads on the web.


Here are the stipulations for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. *Check
List seven things about yourself. 
3. Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

Now, if any of you are still here and not over at Paige's, here are my 7 random things about me.

1. I am left handed and only have scars on the left side of my body. Even the chicken pox scar in my eyebrow is on my left side. I actually like my scars because they are all stories. So I have The Apple Pie Scar, The Tried Killing a Bee Scar, The Puncture Wound from Fishing Scar, The 7 Stitches from a Stump Scar, and the I Have No Idea What Happened To That Elbow Scar. Stories behind these may just need to be posted at a later date.

2. Besides my fear of spiders, I also am terrified of sharks (I used to even be scared of swimming in lakes when I was little...), I'm claustrophobic, I am a pansy about heights, goats freak me out, and blood makes me woozy. There really is no reason for me to be terrified of sharks except that my Grandma, who doesn't have a belly button anymore because it's been sewed up from a surgery, told us that she lost her belly button to a shark who bit it off.

3. My family only had Irish Setters growing up. My dad loves the breed so that's all he would get. Technically I've had 3 in my life but the first died when I was a baby, the second one we had to give away when I was little, but the 3rd one, Bonny, lived to be 14. We got her when I was 8 and she was quite the interesting dog. Irish Setters are gorgeous but they aren't known for their intelligence...

4. I've never been to the East Coast of America. The farthest East I have been is Wisconsin. Branden's never been to the East Coast either and people seem to find this odd since we now live "just across" the Atlantic from it.

5. I loath black olives, goat's cheese, ginger, fennel, malted milk balls (I believe it's really dehydrated stomach bile) and anything slimy like pudding or even jello. I can't even watch someone eat pudding without being grossed out of my mind. The worst thing I have ever 'eaten' is dog poop. I was only 3 years old and was the victim of a poopy snowball to the mouth...I still remember the taste and the never ending vomit that followed.

6. In American terms, I'm short. I'm only 5'2" and Branden is a whole foot taller than me. After moving to Scotland, I discovered that I'm average! Thank goodness Ireland seems to be the same and now Branden gets to be the tall freak.

7. I don't know if this classifies as a random fact or not but if any of you happen to come to my little part of the world, I would be more than happy to give you a tour and have you over for dinner. 

Alrighty! Now you have more useless info about me so on to step 3...tomorrow  ;)

I've got a bit to do today (this is my excuse for my severe engrossment in my book Jane Eyre) so tomorrow I will be passing on the love. This is actually my plan on getting you all to come back after you read Paige's blog!


  1. Congratulations to Branden!! That must take a lot of stress off the both of you!!

    Oh and you may not have physically made it to the east coast but your blog has!! (I'm from Maine!!) So technically a part of you already has reached the east side!!

  2. Thanks Dreamer! It is such a load of stress off! Probably more than a construction worker's trip to the port-o-loo after eating at a kebab stand!
    My blog is in Maine! I hope it's enjoying all the fall colors and is behaving itself! ;)

  3. Well to the gnome club young one. We are short, but mighty- forces to be reckoned with.

    I'm so happy that he finally got a job. Financial worries can make you crazy and put a big whammy on an otherwise great relationship.

  4. I am so happy for Brandon. Time to take in a deep, relieved breath, right? Scars only on the left side. Great thing to use in a story. I love the kitten photo, Roland

  5. So happy for you both that Brandon got a job! What an answer to prayer and a great place to work.

  6. Sounds like we have a lot of the same fears...LOL. I too am afraid of sharks, even in pools and lakes. Don't even get me started on the ocean.. Thanks for passing on the love and congrats on the award! You deserve it for all your fantastic stories...:)

  7. Lefties ROCK! I swear that all of the best people on this Earth are lefties. Today, I will start operation, "I can write with my left hand too." Wish me luck. LOL!

  8. Boomer, Yay for gnomes! My mom's side of the family are all a bunch of tall people but I was 'blessed' with the short squatty genes from dad's side. Us shorties are typically more feisty which thankfully Branden loves.
    Financial problems can make you crazy but luckily we never took it out on each other (surprisingly!). Although I don't know if it's worse to attack each other or wallow together... Oh well, light at the end of the tunnel!

    Roland, thank you! I am able to breathe a bit easier now which is something I may have forgot to do...
    I'm glad you liked the kitten photo; I thought it was too funny!

    Lisa, we couldn't have got through this without all the prayers and support from friends like you! Thanks so much, we are so happy!!

    Paige, hahahaha! I didn't mention pools because I thought it would sound too silly...but you do it too!! I hate swimming in the ocean...eeee! Thanks so much for the award. It means a lot to me coming from you..unless you take away all of my readers and then I'm going to ship all the big spiders I find over here to you! ;)

  9. LoL Elisa! We may rock but our handwriting typically looks like it was done by a gorilla! I suppose that means that righties can pass for lefties since their attempt at writing left handed will probably turn out just as good as what my handwriting normally looks like! Hahaha!

  10. Congratulations to you & Brandon on his new job! It's always nice to have a husband who's working.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG--but then I also love black olives & chocolate pudding. I belive that one of the things that has kept our marriage working for so long (56 1/2 years & still going) is our food preferences. I get all his olives & avocado & he is welcome to any mushrooms on my plate.

  11. I share in your jealousy of Paige's talent! I'm so glad Brandon got the job! Yeah!!!!! No worries about your height. My sister is 5.2 but likes to claim 5.3 and my daughter is the same way. I'm the giant of the family coming in at 5.5 oh ya! As for my post I'm going to tell which ONE fact was a fib tomorrow. Yep only one is fabrication sunshine. haha That's my plan to pull people back from stalking Paige. grrr That woman is to funny to be allowed to continue lol

  12. Well deserved award, and excellent facts. We're planning a trip to Scotland in 2013, but not sure when Ireland's on the schedule.

  13. First, congrats on Branden's job and your award! Doing the Snoopy dance right now, well not really!
    Second, There is not a blog on the planet that could replace yours, silly girl.
    Third, we really are sisters because I hate black olives and goat cheese and especially fennel seeds (I HATE THOSE WITH A PASSION)...just replace your aversion to ginger with curry. I can't be in the same room with curry. Yik, Patoooey!
    Fourth, I so wish we could come visit you!

  14. Congrats on Branden's job. I can honestly say I wish it were me. Not working there though. Working where I live. I'm sorry but I already follow Paige even though I secretly hate her too. Does that take any of the sting off?


  15. Fishducky, it is great to have a husband who's working since I can't work. At least I know that you honestly do love my blog since I did see that you joined Paige before joining me. ;)
    Congrats on 56 1/2 years of marriage! Branden will eat my black olives, pudding and jello but he won't eat goat's cheese either since he had a goat growing up and it reminds him of cleaning out it's pen.

    Melynda, Thank you! My older sis is 5'4" and she acts like the 'giant' over me....although both my parents are 5'6". I don't know what we are ever going to do about this hysterical thing called Paige. She can't be stopped because she's far too amusing (and nice to boot!) so I suppose the rest of us just have to keep on our toes! ;) Luckily for us that means falling down a lot and that makes for fabulous blog entries! lol

    Joshua, Congrats to you too on receiving the award as well! Who knows, we may be visiting friends in Scotland when you are and can meet up. This world has a funny way of arranging paths.

    Stephanie, Thank you!! I can't imagine what a person doing the Snoopy Dance would look like but Branden and I are both laughing just thinking about you giving it a try! THANK YOU for your severe hatred for fennel seeds!!! I don't get why they are 'all the rage' right now...bleck! I forgot about's a tough one for me. I loathed it in America but there are some incredible Indian restaurants in the UK so I found a few non-typcal curries that I liked. But basic curry is not my thing. I also hate hummus...forgot about that one too!

    Lola, Thanks! He is really liking it so far (even though it was his first training day). It's ok if you have already fallen to Paige's hilarious ways...I'm sure some day all of blogkind will be bowing down to her clever antics. We must stick together!!! ;)

  16. There is absolutely nothing wrong with tall guys (say 6'4") who marry women a little shorter (5'3") than they are. Just saying.

    And as a guy who was "on the bench" for 54 weeks one time, I know the relief of getting back to work.

    And thanks for contributing to my fund raiser!

  17. If you love me don't do it! It's cold in here at the moment and when I laughed at this I blew a little snot. It was gross. So, thanks for that.
    Also, goats cheese is of the devil.
    Lastly, get to the east coast! It's amazing and beautiful and you'll love it.
    And congrats on the very deserved award!!!!

  18. Its nice to get to know you through those questions. Congratulations to Brandon too for getting the job - Dave

  19. Scope, thanks for stopping in to my Cell! I find that really tall guys seem to go for the super shorties...go figure! I'm not one to complain!
    Thank you for giving me the chance to contribute!

    Vixen, I don't know if I've ever made someone laugh till they snotted! I'll take that as an accomplishment! We really do want to go to the east coast. It would be hard to narrow down where to go...except Florida would be an easy one. NO FLORIDA! I read that they have the most spiders per capita than any other place in the world. That's all I have to hear!

    Dave, I'm glad you enjoyed my random facts. Thanks, we are definitely celebrating about the job!


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