Friday, October 21, 2011

Tooth Fairy Trouble

My sister Katie is two and a half years older than me so she got to go through all the fun first child experience stuff.

She's going to hate me for posting this photo, but don't worry Katie, I'll show them all how well you turned out.

When she lost her first tooth, I was about 3 or 4, and my parents decided to go all out and make it a big deal. Katie put her tooth under her pillow that night, excited at what the tooth fairy would bring the next morning. My parents, wanting to make it a magical and memorable experience, made a swirly trail of glitter from my sis's pillow, over to her nightstand, down along the floor and finally ended the trail by putting a small pile of glitter when it reached the wall.

The next morning Katie excitedly woke up to find this magical fairy trail and her excitement brought little me and my curiosity into her room. My parents also came in to smile over their creative work. In all the excitement I exclaimed, "Look! The tooth fairy got drunk and hit the wall!" Firstly, I have no recollection at all of my parents ever drinking when I was a kid so how I knew what a drunken trail would look like is beyond me. And secondly...that was the last time we ever saw a tooth fairy glitter trail.

Katie with dad. See, I told you she's gorgeous! And no, we don't think we look alike.


  1. Oh I love this one! It's so funny how kids minds work. Both of you are gorgeous and no I don't think you look to much alike.. There is a family resemblance though.

  2. My tooth fairy tended to forget, so I would remind my parents before bed that I was in need of a tooth fairy visit. I think I knew all along who it really was.

  3. I must say Katie looks adorable in both photos. It's the baby in her lap in the first that is a bit frightening... the look on her face is either that of extreme concentration on a bowel movement of evil plotting of mass destruction (I often confuse the two) and ... oh wait, that baby isn't YOU is it?? Oh never mind. Both children are absolutely adorable!!

  4. Melynda, kid brains are the best! I'm glad you agree on us not looking too much alike. We typically get people saying we look almost identical and we never understood that. We have some similarities but she looks more like my mom's side and I look more like my dad's side. Thanks for thinking we're both gorgeous too ;)

    Lisa, LOL! You're lucky your parents played along and gave you money then! Mine would have probably figured that if I knew the tooth fairy wasn't real then there would be no expectation to get money from her (but I so would!).

    Dreamer...why thank you for you 'lovely words' ;) My sis has always been a bit self conscious about her baby photos since she usually had bags under her eyes and buck teeth. I was just the semi bald blonde one with big blue eyes. I never felt bad for my sis's childhood looks though because she got all the good genes (besides the buck teeth) so she isn't half blind like me and I don't think she has ever been anything besides a size 4! I don't think I have EVER been a size 4! I suppose we just have to be glad for whatever we get.

  5. Im personally fearing that one day when the "denture fairy" pays me a visit....

  6. Steve, she should have to pay more since the price of dentures must be outrageous!

  7. The Tooth Fairy used to punch my teeth out and leave me an IOU. Bitch.

  8. She is gorgeous, but not gorgeouser than you. Since I was the tooth fairy in our house, my kids were frequently visited by a drunk tooth fairy.


  9. I think the real question is, what's the Tooth Fairy's drink of choice?

  10. Two beautiful sisters!
    I botched my tooth fairy duties once...but I'm very proud of how I fixed it...and can't wait to share the story with Peanut someday.

  11. hahaha, hillarious, i would have laughed so hard at that, seriously, moments like that where things happen out of nowhere is when you realize that special moments cannot be planned

  12. You both look like a couple of cute kids. That was great what your parents did about the tooth - dave

  13. It's good to be the eldest. I wish my parents did more special "eldest child" things for me though. :P

  14. LOL! This is sooo cute and funny :)

    You and your sister are both gorgeous!

  15. Tony, maybe should have left her anthrax under your pillow...

    Lola LOL! You have given me great aspirations of becoming the best drunk tooth fairy the world has ever known now! (only problem is that I don't get drunk...)

    Joshua...good question. My guess would be Creme de Mint because it is the closest thing to the taste of toothpaste.

    Stephanie, can't wait to share it with Peanut AND your adoring blog fans! ;)

    Tony, welcome to my cell and welcome to my life! I feel like my world is made up of these crazy weird moments...but at least it makes it humorous!

    Dave, thanks, my parents did have a good idea but sadly I just saw it for something different!

    DWei, thanks for visiting! At least you got to have those 'eldest' moments. I was the baby so I don't even have half the amount of baby photos as my sis does (a fact that I still rub my parent's nose in!) ;)

    Elisa, thank you sweet lady! ...I could almost hear of one your kids coming up with something like this ;)


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