Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Marshmallow Story

Yesterday, Paige Kellerman shared her horrific story about a chicken wing...Read it and cringe!

She asked if anyone else had any food mishap stories and I mentioned that I have been hanging on to one for a while. Since she insisted that I share it and my brain cells are currently fried on bleach fumes and I am not going to be able to conjure up something intelligent on my own, I'm digging back into my archive of stories. This tale includes my best friend Chrissy, who was practically just an acquaintance at the time and I think this was even the first time I had been to her house. Chrissy and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Sarah, who is also in this tale. So without further ado, I give you The Marshmallow Story!

Last winter my friend Chrissy invited me and my other friend Sarah on a trail ride. Since I no longer have horses, I used of of Chrissy's horses. Her brother Jon came with us and this was only my second time meeting him. The first time I met him was for maybe five minutes when he came out to Sarah, Chrissy, and myself giggling on the couch and I piped up with something about us all turning lesbian.
*Bring me home to mom boys, because I'm GREAT at first impressions!*

Anyway, we went on a 3 hour trail ride, which was awesome, and when we got back we were all freezing. Chrissy's mom made us hot coco with little marshmallows in it...mmmmmm...perfect! The three of us girls grabbed the mini marshmallow bag and headed to the table in the living room and Jon went to the other room to watch TV. Keep in mind that I am the oldest here (I was 20 at the time). So me being the mature adult, put two marshmallows up each nostril and proceeded to pull my finger to trigger blast off! Since I wasn't by a garbage can, I put the two tainted mallows next to my mug so I would remember to throw them away when we took our mugs back to the kitchen.

We left everything on the table and moved over to the couch, and as we were chatting away Jon walked by. All of a sudden, Sarah couldn't speak out of laughter but kept hitting my arm. Finally she managed to get out that Jon grabbed the marshmallows and ate them! Now I was dying from laughter and somehow managed to translate what happened to Chrissy who of course joined our' death by laughter'. Jon came back into room and quizzically looked at us and said, "What happened to those marshmallow?" We of course laughed harder and couldn't answer so he went back to the TV only to return minutes later saying, "They were up someone's nose, weren't they?" No answer from us because by now the tears were rolling down our cheeks and our sides were killing us from laughter. That's when he looked at me and said, "They were up yours weren't they?" I was amazed at how well he knew me for only meeting me twice!

Of course I did defend myself because he took two marshmallows that were right next to my mug and he could have taken them from the bag which was in the middle of the table! According to me it was his own fault and stupidity for eating the mucus marshmallows. We still laugh about it and if we ever have a marshmallow roast they always buy the jumbo ones to be safe...but I love a challenge!

I do have to make an after note here that Chrissy's mom thought I was a terrible influence after this incident. She didn't want me coming to the house and didn't particularly like Chrissy hanging out with me either. I find this hilarious in itself because Chrissy and I ended up owning a small business together and I'm now practically one of the family. When I visit the States, I end up having to split my time between my family, Branden's family, and Chrissy's family. 

Small business owners

Recently, I sent some personalized cell phone charms to Chrissy. I needle felted them and based them on stories and memories of our times together. One of the charms is a pair of small white marshmallows with green wool at the end of each of them. Sorry, I don't have any photos of them but they were pretty cute. Oh, and I don't know if her mom found them funny or not. 


  1. I love my morning doses of your silliness! Great story! You are too funny. So how far where you able to blast those marshmallows off?

  2. How did Jon manage to come to the conclusion that they had been up your nose? It's not the first thing I would have thought of.

  3. Stephanie, a woman after my own heart! I did get some decent pressure behind those suckers so I shot them enough to bounce a couple of times on the table...I'm not as much of a long distance 'athlete'. ;)

    Tony, maybe this wasn't his first time with this type of situation...or my guess is that he probably had done it before! Plus I think when anyone is around me, there is a sense of "anything odd may happen".

  4. I'd been wanting to get my marshmallow addiction off my back for awhile. This did it.

  5. Totally something I would have done!

  6. Boomer, glad I could help! ;) hehehehe

    Lisa, and that is just another reason why I like you and we get on so well!

  7. Ok, I'm satisfied...but I'd be more satisfied if it'd been you who ate the *cringe* marshmallows...hahahahha I'm also sad you don't have a picture of the ones you made..LOL

  8. Oh my gosh! I would have died laughing. I wish I could have been there. Now you're giving me new pranks ideas to get my brother back bwa ha ha! LOL!

  9. Paige, you may have thought it would have been better with me eating the snot rockets but I have to disagree! ;) Chrissy might be able to take some photos of the charms and send them to would mean I'd have to share some more of our adventures as well... hehehehe

  10. Elisa, you may have peed your pants if you would have been there (I was close!). Depending on how sinister you want to be, here's another prank idea for your brother....
    hehehehehe! (good thing he doesn't read my blog!)

  11. I had a guy do that to me back in college. He gave me two pretzels and waited until I had eaten them before saying, "I had them up my nose."

  12. That is so funny, especially because Mom didn't want you around, you bad girl, you.


  13. That's awesome. A bit disgusting, but hilarious.

  14. "They always buy the jumbo ones to be safe but I love a challenge".

    Hahahahahahahah! *sigh* Gross. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Epic Fail...eewwww, pretzels!?! The rock salt could have rooted out some extra nose crusties!!!

    Lola, Oh I was such the bad influence! To make it even worse, I was a Sunday school teacher too...bad girl here!

    Joshua, I totally agree (since I wasn't the one to eat the marshmallows!).

    Vixen, Long time no see! I miss your hilarious posts! Glad you liked my story...and my love for a challenge! ;)

  16. the brother had not encountered this before, nor had he done it. You public school person infiltrated our home with your grossness. It weird though, he can be unreasonably bright sometimes.


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