Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Stuff About Me

Last night Branden and I ate ourselves into a sugar headache from some homemade peanut butter balls. Ok so we only had 3 each but that was enough! Of all the headaches I get, I don't mind sugar headaches since they are the most fun to get. I found the recipe on Pintrest and it was taken from a blog. You can find this super easy, minimal ingredient recipe HERE

They really do taste like a Reese Peanut Butter cups if not better! The only differences we made to the recipe were using butter instead of shortening (since we don't have shortening) and we melted a milk chocolate bar that we had for the coating. One of our housemates was in the kitchen as we were making these and he asked what they were. I told him "American crack" since it seems like most people we find over here don't like peanut butter. One of our past Spanish housemates would even wrinkle his nose up at the thought of us eating ground up peanuts (he wouldn't even taste it). I guess that means we won't be having to share!

Onwards and upwards! Elle at The Erratic Project Junkie was recently tagged and when tagging others back, offered me her final tag. With me actually having things to do today (what is this world coming to!?!) I am taking it! So on the the questions!

1. Favorite Color
Green. I love all shades and no this isn't a sense of "Irish pride" because actually the national color of Ireland is blue (see you do learn things from TV quiz shows!).

2. Favorite Animal
This is like asking me to pick a favorite hair on my's just so hard! I have always been an animal lover so I don't know if I can narrow it down to one. I really like ocelots and wombats but pygmy marmosets are also super cute! And don't even get me started on slow lorises!!!

3. Favorite Number
24. I like how divisible it is and also my birthday is on the 24th (of March). Plus who else am I going to find with that as a favorite number!?! It might seem like a slightly odd favorite number but Branden's is 37 so I'm not that weird!

4. Favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink
Again, almost like asking me to choose a favorite animal! My favorite non-alcoholic drink would be Sobe's Black and Blue Berry Brew. It is super sweet and I don't even think I've seen it over here, but my goodness it's like drinking a purple Skittle!
My favorite alcoholic drink is a toughie...I like wine...I like Irish whiskey...I like cocktails...decisions, decisions...
I think I'll have to settle on Brandy. No specific brand but I like the ones that have a nice toffee flavor running through them. I really like it when it is served slightly warm so then the smell is fabulous! It is a very rare occasion that I have Brandy but it's still my favorite.

5. Facebook or Twitter
Well they are two different worlds to me really. Facebook is my space for family and friends and Twitter is for my blogging friends. I am on Twitter a lot more though...

6. Your Passions
Crap, I thought this was going to be an easy, quick post!
I love reading. If I start a good book then I get sucked in and will ignore the world around me until it's done. Because of this, I had a rule to not read often because I have too many wonderful people in my life that I don't want to shut out because of a fabulous storyline. Since my cousin gave us a Kindle, Branden is busy with his PhD studies, and I can't work, I have started allowing myself to dive headfirst into books again. It's good to be back but it's still hard for me to tell myself that it's ok to start a new one.
I love creating things but I'm still trying to discover what my style is and how I can work it with my small living space and limited supplies. Branden's mom has sent me some crafty stuff so I'm working on figuring that out (plus Pintrest has helped!).
I love blogging as well! I loved it when I did it years and years ago, missed it when I had to stop, and have really enjoyed getting back into it!
I also love kids and elderly people. They are both wonderful ages. Kids are on one side of the scope where they are like sponges and are so creative in their desire to learn where as elderly people have gone through so much in life and have learned so much! I love learning from both of them and find it sad that both get put off too often...but that's getting more into 'soap box' than passion.

7. Your Wishlist for this Month
That I'll get to start babysitting for my landlady, that Branden and I get better at scheduling who gets the computer now that he's started a class, to read more books, and to see my family and Chrissy more often/regularly on Skype.

8. Favorite Pattern
I don't know if I ever thought of this before. I think I'll have to go with paisley...despite learning from living in Scotland that paisley came from a suburb of Glasgow called Paisley and it is now quite the sketchy place. Branden had to work there once and I told the guys he was going with to make sure to bring him back without a knife anywhere in his body! But the pattern is very nice and I like this one because it kind of reminds me of the shape of a peacock and I love all things peacock!

9. Favorite Day of the Week
Sunday. If the weather is dry, we manage to go to church and then some Sunday's we get a Formula 1 race. The most I love about Sundays are the fabulous midday times where everything is peaceful and lazy.

10. Favorite Flowers
I love lilacs. They are my favorite scented flower. We had one in our yard all growing up and when it bloomed, we would cut them and let the scent flow through the house. When I lived in my first house by myself, there was a miniature lilac bush outside my bedroom window and I loved when the sun hit that side of the house and heated the scent that came through my window.

If you would like to take a tag from me and do this little questionnaire yourself, then feel free to take it! I'd love to read some of your answers!

*Note: If you find any grammatical or spelling errors, that's because my editor (Branden) is away at the University all day. (and I woke up early so there may be a few!)


  1. You and your husband sound like such awesome people.

    I really wish I could meet you and go to another country someday lol

    Those animals are soooo cute!

  2. Why thank you Elisa! If you ever do come to Ireland, I would be right there giving you a free tour! We'd even provide dinner and a sugar headache! ;)

  3. Count me in for the sugar headache! Packing my bags now. And I echo what Elisa said.

  4. PS - Thank you for the sweet comments on Peanut's blog. She really liked them both.

  5. Stephanie, same goes for you if you ever happen to be in my neck of the world! I would love to play hostess :) Branden and I are big fans of Peanut's blog, she is so much fun!

  6. I loved your photos. My vampire priest, Father Renfield, is from Ireland. If you see a tall, pale red-headed priest walking in the shadows, don't worry. His idea of fast food happens to be muggers and murderers! LOL. Roland

  7. I've been bloggered. Blogger apparently ate my comment.

    I love your photos. My dream country to visit is New Zealand. But you made me want to visit Ireland now, too! Roland

  8. Roland, welcome to my cell! I am right there with you on wanting to visit New Zealand although I have been told that Ireland has some similarities (just no fabulous mountains or exotic animals!). I have to mention how much I love the irony that you have a vampire priest and your occupation is a blood courier!

  9. like drinking a purple skittle? i have to try that...

  10. Ed, thanks for stopping into my cell! In all seriousness, you have to track down that now! It's also really good mixed with vodka and I have heard that you can make your favorite skittled flavor vodka by simply dissolving your favorite skittle in vodka overnight. (I can't wait to try it at some point!)

  11. First, is Branden's favorite movie CLERKS? That would make 37 make more sense.

    Mine's the dyslexic version of yours (42).

    I wonder if Wombats make good pets?

  12. Joshua, Branden has never seen Clerks...he's just a nerdy Biblical Scholar. So his explanation for 37 being his favorite number is something along the lines of 3 meaning the Trinity and 7 for the perfect number of God so put them together and you have a Biblical Scholar's hardcore favorite number...oh and also he likes numbers in the 30's since his birthday is on the 30th of March (which is the 3rd month) in 1987 (which ends in 7). Basically he's a nerd...good think I like those!
    Now why do you like 42??? (I realize as I ask this that I will probably get your version of the above answer basically)
    I think wombats would make great pets!! They seem to be fairly easy going and laid back (although I don't know many wombats).

  13. It still proves you are both nerds and this is a nerd safe place (I may just banter at you a bit).

  14. Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter, beautiful. And that Pygmy Marmoset looks like it comes from outer space.

  15. Ok. You're right. Wombats are super cute. They might give my wallabies a run for their money. I have seen the Skittles vodka post floating around Pinterest. If I remember correctly it's something like 36 Skittles in a bottle of vodka left to soak overnight. (Of course I may also be WAY WAY off.)

  16. Thank you Tony for restoring my faith in the UK's taste for peanut butter (although I can't stand the chunky stuff!). You're right, I never thought of a pygmy marmoset as a space invader but it works! Luckily they are too small the be a threat ;)

    Elle, your reasoning for the wallabies not being able to kick the crap out of you like kangaroos though do make them incredibly lovable! Hehehe, I did get the skittle in vodka from Pintrest but I'm thinking it was 60 skittles but I could be WAY off! lol

  17. I have never heard of a Slow Loris. I wonder where they come from? Like you I also like the Australian Wombat. Cuddly little guys huh? - Dave

  18. Dave, they live in South and South East Asia. The wikipedia info on them is very interesting and also very sad with how they are dealt with for the exotic pet industry.
    Wombats are very cuddly looking! I do like a lot of Australian animals but I have no desire whatsoever to go there. They have too many poisonous animals and crazy creatures that can kill you. My husband and I would much rather go to New Zealand :)

  19. YUMMMMMMMM (on peanut butter balls) - American crack. lol. I'll take a hit!

    the animal pics are so cute :)


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