Monday, October 24, 2011

Time flies and I can't keep up!

I am terrible with dates. Since I don't work anymore, it really screws up my concept of time and dates. Also, since Facebook screwed with their format (and I am now more often on Pinterest), I seem to completely miss everyone's birthday notifications and thus become the least festive person to know on Facebook when it's your birthday.

Luckily, I was on this morning and saw a reminder that my sis and bro-in-law's wedding anniversary is today! Even though I was in the wedding, I still am having a hard time believing it's been 8 years! Earlier this month was my sis's birthday and Branden and I Skyped her to sing to her and even sent her a Happy Birthday video. It wasn't until the end of the day that I realized that she actually turned 30! I just have a hard time thinking that any of us could be married longer than 5 years, and we can't ever leave our 20's! As if I don't need any more shocks, my oldest nephew is going to turn 5 on the 1st of November! The youngest even started walking last night!

Thank goodness I have a some time before my birthday comes up so I can prep myself for approaching ever closer to 30. Since Branden and I are married, we share everything, right??? So why can't I trade ages with him??? I would love to turn 25 next year instead of 28, and in his academic circles he sometimes would much prefer to be turning 28 because it seems that the older you are, the more serious people take you. Anyway, Congrats Katie and Jared! I hope you are able to have a wonderful anniversary!

On to the music!

I have to raise my hand and admit that I am completely out of touch with who and what is popular in America now days in the form of music. When I heard this band a couple of weeks ago, I was blown away and amazed at their talent. They are the American group "The Civil Wars" and they may be winners of every single Grammy for all I know. The only thing I do know is that they are new to me, the guy looks like Captain Jack Sparrow, and the girl is cuter than a bug's ear.

This is their incredible version of Billie Jean. I'm pretty sure Branden and I both watched this whole thing with our mouths hanging open. I'm smitten and have been listening to them over and over again on youtube.

As fabulous as that cover is, my favorite is another song that they performed on this show. It's called "I've Got This Friend", and I probably listen to it as much as my young teenage self listened to My Heart Will Go On after Titanic came out (just minus the crying and tearfully whispering, "I'll never let go Jack", in between verses). I can't get over their harmonies and it makes me long to be in a choir again or to be able sing with my mom again. *sigh*

I hope you have enjoyed The Civil Wars as much as I have...unless of course everyone already knows all about them and I may as well have just posted Panda Sneeze because it's that well known. But maybe I have just fed you some musical crack and you will be instantly addicted like I am! 

*Random odd fact about me:
I actually used to do Civil War reenacting in my early teen years. Don't ask me any Civil War trivia though, because I was not really into the history of it...I just really liked playing dress up with a big hoop skirt!


  1. I've never heard of them until this post. What does that say about me? I'll head over and listen later since streaming media is blocked at work.

  2. I've never heard of them either, bu they're pretty good. And don't worry, even when I did work, I still forgot everyone's birthday. There's not enough room in my brain to remember

  3. I like them!!

    Did I ever tell you my theory as to why people can't remember things as they get older? The brain, like a computer, has a finite number of bits or bytes. As you age, there has been a lot of data inputed & the brain eventually becomes full. That would explain why you specifically remember what happened on a day 10 years ago but you have no idea what you had for lunch yesterday. We should have a "delete" button.

    This should not happen to you at 27, But I'm 77 &--who's calling, please?

  4. Joshua, it probably means that you have a life...*sigh* I forgot what that's like.

    Paige, I have always been told that it gets worse when you have kids. I don't think I can take anymore! Thanks again for the award today :)

    Fishducky...I feel as if I have been graced by a celebrity blog commenter! Welcome to my cell and thanks for the follow! I like your theory on the brain. I have a few years that I could easily delete and then maybe I could remember where I put my shoes! Sadly, this has been a problem of mine since I was a kid. Not many 8 years olds walk into a room and think "Now why did I come in here???" but that was a common occurrence of mine! I'll be lucky if I can spell my own name when I finally have kids! Oh well, life goes on and everyone gets to read and laugh about it! :)

  5. I think it means that I have kids and the only thing on my TV are cartoons between the hours of 6:30-7:30am and 7-8pm, and everything else is Netflixed or DVR-ed, so there are no news, commercials, or anything approaching reality.

    Except for that reality show DINOSAUR TRAIN.

  6. I used to make Civil War dresses and sell them. It was so fun :0)

  7. I've never heard of The Civil Wars. They are excellent and the guy is hot. The cute girl just makes me jealous. As for remembering dates, it's hard for me, but you wouldn't believe my ex-husband. In 30+ years he never knew our anniversary or the children's birthdays. Every set of divorce papers that came from his lawyer'[s office had the dates wrong, and it was a different wrong date each time. He also couldn't spell my name correctly.


  8. Holy crap that guy looks just like Elisa's husband when I first met them. Hair and all. No kidding!

  9. Young one may I suggest that you set up a Google calendar and put all your important dates on it? Then you get an email from them so you never miss an important date.

  10. They are pretty great.... they are coming to my bar in Portland... Im excited to see them live.

  11. Thank you for your lovely welcome! AND, I'd also like to thank all the little people I stepped on while climbing the ladder to my celebrity success......

  12. Sweet! Civil War re-enacting! did you learn to crochet?

  13. You must be an interesting person if you listen to the Civil Wars and live in Ireland. Where on earth did you participate in reenactments? (I'm from the south, it won't surprise me!)

  14. I love The Civil Wars! I have I've Got This Friend on my iPod. Forget where I heard it...but it was just in this past year.


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