Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Mashup

Since my editor now has a real job, I will have to apologize now for my posts not being as "grammatically perfect" as they normally are. Also, since I woke up at 7am with a feeling of food poisoning in my gut, I am not able to give a full blown post today.

From the Award granted to me by Paige yesterday, I have some more work to do and need to pass it on to 15 people. Paige did grant the award to some of my fellow bloggers that I would have thought deserving enough for me to pass on to so I will eliminate those from the 15. Then divide by 3, multiply by the square root of 2, put my left hand in then take my left hand out, shake things about and I come to a number of 1. Sure it may sound like a cheat but I have a blog sister that is very versatile so I am choosing to just bless her today with it.

Stephanie writes funny, she writes emotionally, she writes poetically, and mostly, she writes wonderfully! You would be hard pressed to find a sweeter blogger out there...well maybe her daughter Peanut (I kid, I kid). Peanut had to learn it from someone! I have enjoyed every bit of watching Stephanie's journey. She learns from life in a way that is enviable. If you haven't ever met Stephanie, please do. And if you email her your birthday she will post you a Happy Birthday! Mine's March 24th btw  ;)

So Stephanie, this is for you and it very well deserved!

Now, I have met a new blogger (introduced to me by Joshua) called Scope. He is trying to raise money for breast cancer via reader participation. Please go check him out and see if you can help.


  1. Laughing out loud at those pictures. Hysterical.

    Excellent choice of Stephanie for the award.

    And thanks for helping get people over to Scope's for the fundraiser.

  2. Joshua, I don't know how long I laughed and laughed over color blind kitty! Pinterest is now my mecca for looking up humor and geek photos!
    Congrats on being another winner of the Versatile Blogger Award. Well deserved! And I was more than happy to help out Scope. Thanks for sharing it to me so I could contribute and help out!

  3. I love the Halloween shots! When my son was 8 he and our pug dressed up as pirates. The two of them had the best candy haul in the neighborhood that year.

    Feel better. :)

  4. You are such a sweet sister! Thank you! I'm very touched. Sorry for the delay in's been a busy morning at work. I'll have to check out that other blog at lunch.
    Thanks again...

  5. Those pictures are hilarious! I just shared the cat picture on my sister's wall. I couldn't resist..LOL Glad you liked the award and passed it on. You deserve it!

  6. Fanny, I would have given your son half my bowl for such a wonderful costume idea! I bet it was adorable!

    Stephanie, it is well deserved to you so I am more than happy to pass on the blog love :)

    Paige, I hope you sis likes the cat picture. I'm pretty sure you would have to be Frankenstein's monster to not find it amusing! I love the award! Thanks again, you are the best!

  7. I LOVE those pictures. Get feeling better :)

  8. Love your posts--& Steph's! Feel better soonest!

  9. hey girly. Hope you feel better soon. That sucks. Tell your editor that just because he has a job doesn't mean he can't prioritize and help a sista out. Big hugs kiddo.

  10. Elisa and Fishducky, I'm glad you liked today's post :) I am feeling a bit better. Just a bit weak feeling.

    Melynda, thank you! Hahaha, Branden left early this morning and didn't get home until after 6. He sent me a text on his lunch break though that he was looking forward to coming home and taking care of me...I'm a blessed girl!

  11. That picture reminds me, I need to dig out that drunk Ewok video from a few Halloweens ago.

  12. I'd like to put you on my DUCKY email list so I can send you funny and/or interesting stuff but I lost your email address. If you'd like to be included on the list, please email me at


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