Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We sure did! There is a jazz festival going on in Cork, so Branden and I were able to head to some pubs for free live music. It really couldn't have been anymore ideal. We found a cozy corner, hidden away from all the ridiculous dancers, snuggled up, and swayed to the music. At one point, our secluded spot was empty so we practiced our swing dance moves...we're a bit rusty, but it was fun!

Back in the day when we were slightly less rusty

On Sunday night, the church we've been attending had an International Feast. The church is very international, so there were over 20 countries represented in the way of their local cuisine. Branden and I joined the American forces with our homemade chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Chocolate chip cookies, macaroni and cheese, and chicken parmesan, also represented the USA. Branden did the rounds, trying to get as many small tastes of things as he could. He would then bring a plate full back for us to try together. The most surprising thing I had that I really liked, was a Lithuanian dish of raw pieces of herring in sour cream with onions and tomatoes. I had a hard time at first trying to convince myself to taste it, but when I did it was absolutely delicious! The event was fabulous, with tons of good food and even better company! We made some great new friends and had such an incredible night.

Since it is Halloween, I have to give you something fun for your Music Monday. Here is a bit of a laugh for your Halloween Monday!

And for any of you going out to Halloween costume parties tonight, here is a reminder to not get drunk and do karaoke!

From the bottom of my cell, I wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Ooooooo! SpOOOOOOOOOky header picture!!!

    Sounds like the fest was a blast. Color me jealous.

  2. Raw herring... I dunno about that...

  3. Joshua (shhhh! You've seen it before!). It was a blast of a festival. The weekend was just incredible and we really needed it!

    Lisa, I hate sushi so I was extremely hesitant but all the flavors in the dish made it work well and you didn't even have the funky raw fish texture that I was expecting.

  4. I think your header picture is beautiful. lol Sorry but you look great there. I hope you have a fun Halloween. I would not have been able to eat the Herring.I'm such a coward.

  5. The international feast sounds awesome! I wonder where I can get me some Lithuanian....

  6. Cute photo kiddo. Happy Halloween to both of you too.

  7. Sounds like sooo much fun. Your header is AWESOME! What a gorgeous picture!

  8. Pickled herring is made many different ways--I find almost all of them delicious. I think it's always pickled raw. I don't have a Lithuanian background but I'm Jewish--I think that helps. You food wimps should try Manishewitz (sp?) herring in sour cream--YUMMY!

  9. That monster mash video is awesome!!!

  10. Melynda, the pic was actually taken a few years ago and my friend did the orange thing on my face so it became my vampire look :) I quite like...wish my hair was still that good looking!

    Lindsay, I don't think I ever saw Lithuanian restaurants in WA. Shame, they have tasty food!

    Lisa, happy halloween to you and your family!!

    Boomer, thanks! Happy halloween to you and happy recovery!!

    Elisa, thank you! It was a ridiculously fun weekend and we were too busy to even carve pumpkins to see how our souls were...although now we can try with sun catchers ;)

    Fishducky, I'm not sure how they prepared their herring but in sour cream was really nice! I'd try any type of herring after my Lithuanian experience! Bring on the Jewish food now!

    Steve, I was struggling at first to find a good video that hadn't been seen by a lot of people. When I came across Lego Monster Mash I was sold!

  11. I love your Halloween photo and I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.



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