Monday, October 17, 2011

Dance like Leprechauns are attacking your ankles!

I like music and I like comedy. This is probably why I enjoy UK and Irish folk music so much because quite often the lyrics end with a punchline. This song is no different and comes from the English band Bellowhead. This was aired on one of my favorite musics shows, Later...with Jools Holland. It's on late Friday nights and Branden and I stay up to see what wonderful and diverse musicians will be playing on the large oval set. A couple of weeks ago, there was a Jamaican band that played versions of Nirvana, reggae style. Sometimes the show has some really odd bands on but other times it's magical like this last week when Peter Gabriel played Solsbury Hill with a 44 piece orchestra.

Anyway, this performance was so much fun I have to share it in hopes it makes your Monday a bit more tolerable. (Please feel free to dance or do a jig)


  1. I can't get this silly thing to open...think my work computer is more tired than I am this morning. I'll try again later.
    Happy Monday!

  2. That was great! Btw..just saw your tweet...umm..I want a free walrus..LOL

  3. This title made me snort.

    I have recently begun to appreciate Irish music because I've taken up the mandolin. Apparently if you play mandolin you will be sucked into the bluegrass world and the Irish music world whether you want to or not.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! So very much.

  5. Also, I wish I could get away with my hair looking like that lead singer's whilst at work.

  6. Stephanie, bummer your work computer is being stupid! Dump some coffee down it's disk drive... ;)

    Paige, a free walrus could be handy because then you could dress the twins as walrus tamers for halloween! You probably just need a big kidding pool to put the walrus in...

    Mandy, I wonder what Google hits I'll get from this title! I love the mandolin and yes it does sound absolutely fabulous in Irish folk music! One day Branden will get one but we want to wait and get one in just sounds perfect!

    Joshua, those guys are pretty rockin! Bummer you can't flaunt that hair at would only require rolling out of bed to create!

    Boomer, it does make me want to get up and move...then drink some whiskey...then move some more!

  7. I LOVE this (and I did tap my foot as I laughed lol). That violinist is awesome!

  8. Bellowhead is a great name for a band.

  9. Elisa, I figured you would appreciate their style and talent...gotta love that violin! ;)

    Lisa, super fun is a great way to put it! Especially since they have crazy sculls and skeletons all over their stage.

    Tony, it is quite a fabulous band name and I think it suits them quite nicely!

  10. Great clip. I also LOVED the Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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