Friday, October 7, 2011

Locksmith Memories

As I have mentioned before, I was a locksmith for almost 6 years and it was during these years that the original Padded Cell Confessions was born. As much as I loved being a locksmith, I had a major pet peeve.

Here is the original post that I wrote back in October 2005 (can you believe that was 6 years ago!?!).

I am a locksmith. I've been one for 4 1/2 years. When a customer comes walking through my door the first thing that is directly in front of them is a counter, me behind it (smiling of course), and 14 rows of keys hanging on hooks. This is your typical locksmith shop. The #1 question I get asked is, "Do you make keys?". Duh we make keys! We're locksmiths! What do you think all these keys behind me are...contemporary art?! I am soooo baffled by this and to top it off, not only does this happen to me but it is the #1 question of ANY locksmith. It is pretty much the locksmith's #1 pet peeve too. My word of advice for you is: NEVER ASK A LOCKSMITH IF THEY MAKE KEYS!!! Or else I will put you into the category of beyond brainless and shouldn't breed!

Please readers, tell me you've never done this!


  1. There was a tiny locksmith shop where I grew up, and I used to walk in just to look at all the old keys they had hanging around. The only time I had to have a key made, I asked "Do you have a key like this?" It was an old skeleton-type key. And wouldn't you know it, they did. No attitude. Maybe it's because I didn't ask if they made keys. What the hell else are they going to make? I mean, other than locks, right?

  2. Asking "Do you have a key like this?" is a great question and after a full day of people asking "Do you make keys", I may have hugged someone who asked what you did! We had a small board of antique keys and I used to love looking through them...wish I could have kept some.

  3. So what you're saying is the KEY is in how you ask the question?
    hee hee...couldn't resist.
    It's Friday.
    I get the Peanut this weekend. Hopefully she'll have some more posts!

  4. "I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry... if I only had a brain!!"

    Too funny!

  5. LOL! I'd just go with, "Um, I need a key" :)

  6. Stephanie, hehehe, I probably set you up too well for that! I'm so glad you get to spend the weekend with your wonderful Peanut! I'd love it if she had a chance to post...or make another video ;) Have fun you two!

    Dreamer, I should have just sent all those customers down the yellow brick road and refuse to help them until they were given their brains!

    Smiles, thank you! That's much more intelligent! ;)

  7. No, never! Honest! - Dave :-)

  8. Don't be so "keyed" up...*snort* Couldn't help myself. Still working on that door handle by the way...

  9. Nope, never said it. Never been to a locksmith. But I can imagine how annoying that is. No one goes to a cake shop and ask "Do you bake cakes?" now, do they?


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  10. I'm proud to say that I've never done that.

  11. Never done it, that's one of those " Here's your sign" moments.
    People have come into a resturant where I work during lunch hours and ask (With the place being full of customers) " Are you guys open for lunch"
    One time I would just love to reply, " No this is just a rehearsal for the dinner crowd." Morons.

  12. I keep trying to follow you and the button never shows!!!

  13. LOL! This is SOOOO hilarious! I can relate. I made clothes for A LIVING, and people still asked if I knew how to alter jeans. Seriously? :)

  14. Um, OK, that's a lot of keys. Have you ever walked up to a door that said "Push" and tried as hard as you could to pull it open? Sometimes we're all a little retarded.

  15. I swear I have never asked that question of a locksmith. And now I never will. Consider me warned. I see your comments at Elisa's and they're so amusing and this post is so good that I'm going to become your newest follower. I hope you'll follow me back.



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